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Official Launch; A Broad Church By Dr Gearóid Ó Faoleán April 28, 2019

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This will be of great interest to many here, the official launch of A Broad Church by Dr. Gearóid Ó Faoleán.


1. Joe - April 29, 2019

My excuse for not going is I’m a Gaeilgeoir pedant. He should have an i between the a and the o. Or alternatively he should replace the eán with áin. This muppetry of people being allowed to spell their names any way they want must be curtailed.


2. Gearóid Clár - April 29, 2019

Joe –
I was educated in a gaelscoil and wear a fáinne. My reasons for the spelling are my own. Perhaps a discussion for another day could be how the needless aggression of Gaeilgeoir pedants discourages so many people from attempting to speak our native tongue

I don’t know if you really would have considered attending anyway, but you are very welcome, as are all others.


Joe - April 29, 2019

Ah a Ghearóid a chara. I was trying to be funny. Failed again, miserably, obviously. Ah feckin’ hell, I’m 100% with you on Gaeilgeoir pedants putting people off – and then here’s my sad attempt at humour being taken as aggressive Gaeilgeoir pedantry.
Look, my da officially and legally changed his name to Irish when he got married. And of course he decided to modernise the spelling so that I and my siblings were given a unique spelling for our surname as Gaeilge.
So I’m with you – your name is your name and you are entitled to spell it any way you want.
I live in Dublin and would love to go to book launches such as yours. But pressure of time usually means I don’t . As it happens I’ll be in Limerick this Thursday night but on then to Corca Dhuibhne for the bank holiday weekend.
Go n-éirí go geal leis an seoladh. Go n-éirí go geal leis an leabhar, súil agam go ndíolfar go maith é agus go léifear go forleathan é. Is topic an-shuimiúl é na sealadaigh sna seachtóidí.
Is cuimhin liom go maith an tréimhse ainnis sin inár saol uile. I bhfad uainn arís é!
Fad saoil chugat a bhuachaill.


Gearóid Clár - April 29, 2019

Go raibh maith agat, Joe, agus tá brón orm, béidir go bhfuilim ró íogair!


3. AdoPerry - April 29, 2019

A very interesting read. The book covers a very interesting period in modern Irish politics and highlights the initial concern of the public in the 26 counties to the plight of nationalists. However, The public support and then gradual decline in support for the war was noticeable by the 80’s and this could be another subject for the author to tackle.

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