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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Back to the Planet May 11, 2019

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It’s weird, I remembered vividly the music of this group and their image, sort of crusty. But… for the life of me I couldn’t recall their name. it took years until it clicked, and there it was. Back to the Planet – who graced at least one cover of an, I suspect, uncomprehending Melody Maker still largely in thrall to the dubious pleasures of industrial and goth.

I’m making no great claims for their music, and the lyrics are what they are… a blend of ska, techno and, but I’ve got to admit there’s a certain nostalgia there for me in listening to it – as I suspect there is for anyone with even a glancing engagement with the London squatting scene. And they were part of the anarcho-punk scene too and as noted on wiki were ‘vociferous in their resistance to the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act and held events to protest the impending legislation’. More power to them.

Some will recall that the CJPOA had the infamous ‘repetitive beats’ definition in its compass – a complete idiocy even by the standards of the time. And entertainingly, or not, BTTP had already well read on:

A 12″ single, Revolution of Thought, followed in 1992; to support its release, the group mounted a rave in the English countryside, a rather infamous affair which later became fodder for the British government’s Criminal Justice Act, a measure specifically designed to outlaw squatters, ravers, and other perceived “threats” to the fabric of UK society.

Thing was they sort of went a bit commercial which no doubt shed them fans without gaining many new ones. As to their output. Please Don’t Fight is good. I had a red and black striped jumper. I wish I still had it.

Teenage Turtles is mad – as close to a sell-out as they could do, which wasn’t very! They still gig for which kudos. Enjoyable.

Please Don’t Fight



Teenage Turtles (Live on the Word – natch!)

London City


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