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Constitution… May 15, 2019

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I tend to the view that Constitutions aren’t immutable. Indeed I like the way in this state there’s little or no angst about the ‘framers’ intentions. We get exactly where the 1937 Constitution was coming from, both its strengths and weaknesses, and proceed from there. Still, some troubling lack of knowledge reported here from a meeting in Dublin Central on the Constitution organised by the Referendum Commission.

Not least the idea that the events of 1916 are directly linked to the Constitution in quite the way this was framed at the meeting. Or indeed the idea that issues were brought back again and again continually to be voted on – the gap between referendums on abortion and divorce suggests otherwise. That said is there any merit in the idea that a referendum on a specific issue once lost or won should not be returned to for a decade, or some period of time over three or four years? And yet there’s part of me that thinks if something isn’t forbidden by a Constitution then it is allowed, as it were. People can’t have it both ways.


1. EWI - May 15, 2019

Two points. Firstly, that de Valera continues to attract unwarranted blame from the D4-types for things that CnanG/FG actually did (funny, that), compared to whom he was a godless Communist. Secondly, the very real falling-out of the Republican women with Dev over the disappointment of his ’37 Constitution.

Both can be true at the same time.

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WorldbyStorm - May 15, 2019

I have a very similar view – the 37 constitution has some flaws but also real strengths – and as you say it is possible both to criticize aspects and laud it


Jim Monaghan - May 15, 2019

And the way DeV conned the semi fascists with the meaningless vocational aspect of the senate.


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