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A blast from the past… May 17, 2019

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Funny to see Richard Greene pop up in the public eye as part of his role as chair of Alliance for the Defence of Family and Marriage seeking a No vote on the divorce referendum. Seeing the photo of him I thought immediately, wasn’t he in the Green Party once?

And indeed he was, and Fianna Fáil before that, and Muintir na hÉireann and Cóir after that, and then the Christian Solidarity Party. Indeed the was almost expelled from the GP, and he a local councillor, over his position on the X Case and Articles 2 and 3. Quite a journey he’s had.

Here’s some of IEL’s materials relating to him.

Anyhow, to get a sense of his current thinking…

Mr Greene, who worked as a guidance counsellor in Dublin, contends that a more liberal regime “militates against any serious attempt at resolving marital conflicts. Most marital conflicts can be resolved.” Many couples gave up too quickly, he said.
When asked about relationships where there is some form of domestic abuse or coercive control, Mr Greene said those couples should seek an annulment.

Then again, the world he now inhabits is markedly different to that he was involved in on previous campaigns. The piece interviews various No supporters, but most significant is a sense that the battle is hardly worth the effort. Few are campaigning and that tells its own story.

I wonder if in focusing so heavily on abortion provision did they by default allow other areas to liberalise. Though another part of me suspects that liberalisation here was long delayed, so perhaps their impact did indeed work well from their perspective.


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