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Support and pessimism May 17, 2019

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I’d love to parse the following a bit, a ECFR-YOUGOV survey from last week that argues:

According to the survey, commissioned by the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) thinktank, 58% of people in France believe the EU is very likely or fairly likely to fall apart within 20 years, second only to Slovakia (66%).
Of the 14 countries polled by YouGov – constituting 80% of the seats of the European parliament – it was only in Sweden (44%), Denmark (41%) and Spain (40%) that the proportion predicting implosion dipped below a majority.

And yet, a contradiction:

‘…despite support for the bloc hitting heights not recorded in more than a quarter of a century.’


The survey found that almost 92% of voters thought they would lose out if the EU collapsed. Fears about the ability to trade, travel and work in other EU countries topped the list of reasons.
Citizens feared losing unity on security and defence and valued being part of a bloc that could counter the US and China, amid growing economic uncertainty and the parlous nature of the transatlantic relationship.

Another question, a key question, is what do voters want? It would appear from the above that they overwhelmingly do not want this future to come to pass. That’s perhaps an even more key finding. And how to deal with the pessimism that some have about the future. Well for some of us that means unions, cross-continental activity, where necessary parallel structures and at all times resistance to negative approaches by the Commission etc and support for gains.


1. GW - May 17, 2019

Well I’d say those polled recognise the reality.

The current EU is better than its non-existence, but unless it radically changes, then it may well fall apart.

Whether and how it changes depends on political imagination and struggle.


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