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Ask a stupid question… May 20, 2019

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I’ve mixed feelings reading this from RTÉ where they discuss the results of a survey by Amárach for Young Social Innovators of 500 Generation Z’ers. That is people who arrived on the planet between 1995 and 2009. A publicity puff piece for YSI? Why yes, and hardly surprisingly it leads with he finding that: many of them are stressed.

Well I never.

There’s much angst apparently about all this:

Chief Executive of YSI, Rachel Collier, said it was concerning that so many young people feel more connected to brands than politics.
Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Ms Collier said: “They really believe that brands listen to them to a greater extent than the Government and politicians and communities do, and that’s worrying.
“Brands and influencers on social media are relating to young people daily, and they’ve a much closer relationship than you would expect.”

Is that really so strange – given we’re talking about people who are between 11 and 25. I’ve no doubt that there’s a disconnect between politics and young people, though having seen the far from unimpressive mobilisation in recent year on issues like marriage equality and choice one has to wonder if it’s quite as bad as painted? Indeed this seems to me to be the flip side of those breathless articles just after the last referendum suggesting that all was changed utterly by the (very real) participation on young people in the campaigns. As usual the truth will lie somewhere between the two points.

In fact that range seems to me to be a problem in and of itself. For example, you will no doubt be astounded to learn that:

When asked what would be a sign of success during their lifetime, nearly half said making a positive impact on the world, half said financial security, and just 1% said having a loving partner.

I have a passing acquaintance with a number of 11 year olds. I do not think (indeed I’d tend to hope not) that having a ‘loving partner’ features on their radar just yet, and maybe not for a while to come. That’s just one of those stats that need to be much more clearly parsed and with regard to more coherent age groups.


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