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Left Archive: Fourthwrite, Journal of the Irish Republican Writers Group – Issue Number 3, Autumn 2000 May 20, 2019

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Many thanks to the person who forwarded this to the Archive.

This edition of Fourthwrite joins another in the Archive. As with the other editions it covers a considerable area in terms of content.

The front page article under the heading ‘Devolution of Pomp’ criticises the recent suspension of the Assembly which only ended with the decision by PIRA to open arms dumps to inspection. And it argues that:

Whether there will ever be sufficient agent to make the Assembly (or indeed the Six-County state) work is open to serious question.

Interestingly in the editorial mention is made of criticism of Fourthwrite for not excluding from the pages of the magazine ‘those who are diametrically opposed to republicanism. An argument is made that we are providing a vehicle of expression for the ‘pro-British’ lobby.’ The editorial notes that anti-republican sentiment is well catered for and that it remains the policy of the magazine to ‘engage in debate with our opponents, and we cannot do that and deny them their voice at the table’.

Other pieces in the publication include Arther Aughey on ‘Contemporary Irish republicanism’, ‘Revisionism’ by Liam O’Ruairc, ‘The Prisoners’ by Brendan Hughes and ‘Loyalist Platform’ by Joe Craig.

Also included in this edition is a Special Supplement that examines the then recent shooting of Joseph O’Connor in West Belfast and the intimidation of Republican Writers Group members subsequent to that for a statement that was issued by them. It includes statements from the SWP, IRSP and other groups in support of the RWG.

To download the Special Supplement please click on the following link. fourthwrite-may-2019-supplement.pdf

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