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Dublin Candidates debate on RTÉ May 21, 2019

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A bit of a mixed debate – far too many candidates and odd the cutaway ten or so minutes in to the one’s who didn’t make the final line-up. Good to hear so many people pushing back against Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil sounded on the defensive. Any thoughts?


1. irishelectionliterature - May 21, 2019

The bits l caught of it were all a bit mad. As you say far too many candidates.
Regarding the locals an FG candidate called to the house yesterday, I was out so my 19 year old son answered the door and the FG chap gave him a speel of being the youngest candidate in the area… I gather the exchange went along the lines of…
“I’m the youngest candidate running in the area..”
“..but you’re Fine Gael”
“I’ll forward the interests of Young people like you on the Council…”
“..but you’re Fine Gael”
“I understand the issues young people like yourself are faced with…”
“..but you’re Fine Gael”
etc etc


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - May 21, 2019

A snappy answer to a stupid point.

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NFB - May 21, 2019

Betrays a serious lack of substance in the candidate.

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2. rockroots - May 21, 2019

There was an ‘everyone else vs FG\FF’ vibe, which was useful but also showed up just how ridiculously crowded the left field is. On the few topics they covered there wasn’t a hairs breadth between Daly, Ryan, Boylan, Harrold, etc.

The excluded candidates should feel hard done by with their short awkward monoologues read from an autocue positioned off to one side of the camera.


WorldbyStorm - May 21, 2019

+1 re the field. There should easily be two left seats quite apart from SF. Don’t know how people count the GP in – I always think it partly left, but not difficult to see space for two softish left candidates easily.

Those monologues were something else. She who shall remain nameless… hmmm..


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