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More UK Polling May 23, 2019

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More genuinely stunning figures from UK European Election Polls as collated by UKPollingReport and today the day they vote. Make of the variable BLP figures what you will. The Tories might as well not bother. Of course the election itself is an exercise in futility. But still…

Meanwhile, I know they’re an irrelevance, but behold how Change UK are conducting themselves…

In another harsh blow, Change UK’s lead candidate in Scotland, David Macdonald, then announced that pro-remain voters should now vote for the Lib Dems, which Umunna called “disappointing”. Some found irony in his additional observation that by changing party Macdonald had “let down his fellow candidates and activists”.

Brilliant. And worse:

Change UK’s leader, Heidi Allen, who insisted there was no prospect of her moving on by saying “it wouldn’t look good if I defected from one party and defected to another a few weeks later,” said the group accepted that this campaign would be imperfect. “At the end of the day, what is more value to the country? Us trying, or just sitting by and letting it go to the wall as it is, if we leave it in the hands of the Tories and Labour?” she said.

And what of this?

But on Monday she did seem to acknowledge that the party in its current form might be short-lived. “Will I stand again in South Cambridgeshire, my constituency, as Change UK?” she said. “Whatever format, let’s hope we know … if we’ve managed to bring together other MPs from the House of Commons, the format might be slightly different.”

If, after all the PR events and so on they cannot even agree on being in the group what on earth is the point? For all the stuff about putting the national interest first…


1. An Sionnach Fionn - May 23, 2019

The, er, CUKs were a bit of a disaster from the get-go. Their creation in the wake of all those resignations was a headline grabbing “spectacular”, to borrow an old phrase. However in this case there was no greater strategy or objectives or organisation to exploit the PR space. It was headlines for the sake of headlines and then the cracks appeared.

I suspect some will go Lib Dem, if the latter have a good showing in the Euros, or may end up in a new Toryish party. Or will take up star turns in the media having abandoned their seats. Talk Radio in London would be a good match for most of them.

The Lib Dems was the obvious middle-ground place to decamp to in the first place but ambition overcame common sense. Or principle.


2. GW - May 23, 2019

“Of course the election itself is an exercise in futility. ”

Not if the UK ends up remaining in the EU.

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