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Why more candidates in Dublin? May 24, 2019

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This caught my eye, on the RTÉ overview of the European Elections.

Uncertainty abounds. Nineteen candidates – ten men and nine women – are vying to become an MEP. That is seven candidates more than in 2014 and nine more than in 2009. 

What would account for that increase?


1. Timble - May 24, 2019

An extra seat and only 1 incumbent running. Plus new parties and formations as well; a rake of Independents with extreme views as well.


2. Joe - May 24, 2019

Well my neighbour believes that he’s a parent to thousands of children who he believes he saved through his fake pregnancy counselling services. And that our only chance of redemption is through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
He could afford to print up a leaflet with his message and the State posted it to every house in the constituency for him.
Good value I would have thought.


3. Tomboktu - May 24, 2019

Could it be because Brexit gave the EU a sustained level of political visibility that it hasn’t had before.

Yes, the IFA goes on Morning Ireland regularly enough to talk about the agriculture funding, and there is the annual ritual of ministers negotiating late into the night on fishing quotas. But for most people, the EU has been a logo on a road sign or at the door of a community project that was part-funded by the EU. The discussions on Brexit reminded us that hidden under the technocracy, are political values and choices.


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