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Jumping someone else’s train May 25, 2019

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Labour Senator Aodhán O Ríordáin has said he would like to start a conversation about amalgamating his party with the Social Democrats and the Green Party.He said: “What’s the point in having three centre-left parties competing with each other?”He said leadership at the top of the parties is preventing this discussion from happening, though he did not call for Labour leader Brendan Howlin to step down given what’s looking like a poor performance in these elections.


1. CL - May 25, 2019

“The likely MEP elections Green gallop and a predicted left-leaning parties transfer trend could kick-start a debate about a long-overdue Irish “progressives” political bloc…
Sean Sherlock… the Cork East TD wrote on Twitter that while he is still Labour through and through, it may be time to put “egos to one side” and start to create a “radical” new future for Irish politics.”

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2. oliverbohs - May 25, 2019

Labour has not been an attractive proposition for voters for a long time now, and O’Ríordáin’s clumsy attempts to drag other parties into their orbit, presumably for the sake of finger pointing when they fail to gasp in awe at his Very Serious Future Plans, won’t change that

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WorldbyStorm - May 25, 2019

Clumsy, that’s a perfect way of putting it.

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gypsybhoy69 - May 25, 2019

Saw that interview and thought what a pompous git!
And Humphries later saying the Green tide blocked the Labour recovery, yeah right!

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3. Paul Culloty - May 25, 2019

It would make sense, however, for Soc Dems and Greens to have some form of electoral alliance, given they co-operate in the Dáil, and have a similar voter demographic.

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oliverbohs - May 25, 2019

Indeed, their appeal can be defined, to some degree, as not being the Labour Party. Down the line, the Greens wd have ambitions to have the no of TDs the LP have now at least. “I won’t be dictated to by the likes of you”, and all that


Fergal - May 25, 2019

Radical simply means not FF/FG and that’s it?!


4. oliverbohs - May 25, 2019

In fact, an unavoidable component of any “progressive political bloc” would be a metaphorical array of pointy objects/needles to regularly puncture LP egos. They’d need to accept being regularly outgunned. All hypothetical anyway

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dermot - May 26, 2019

Pitiful stuff from AOR…reeks of desperation – a nice little technocratic ‘fix’ for the party that doesn’t involve dealing with the real reasons why people bailed on them through the Austerity years. That would be the Austerity, Aodhan. Too bad Labour weren’t thinking about lifelines for drowning people from 2011 through 2016, maybe they wouldn’t be up the creek now.

Instead of dealing with that legacy, Labour are still trying to “elect a different people”.

They decided to fight and die on the hill of Irish Water. What a stupid, stupid party. Could have pulled the plug over that and had a fighting chance then. Shouldn’t have gone in with FG in the first damned place. Should have been in op. with 37 seats and destroyed FF for ever. Imagine where they’d be now. Fools.

Speaking of Fools:

The Jesuitical Rabbitte… god he was never off the air with his f—ing parsnips.

That dullard Tuffy woman whose advice to working mothers was to bring their kids to work.


Either she meant it (and was being callous) or phrased it poorly (and was being inept). Either way,thank F— we’re done with that careerist clown show.

My dad was a lifelong core Labour supporter. Canvassed for Nicky Kelly back when. Dad finally snapped during the Enda years, swore he’d never vote for them again. His memory is fading now, but if he were his old self he’d send Labour canvasers scurrying. When a party loses the likes of him they’re done.

All they’re good for now is transfers. To think Connolly took a bullet for this shower. Too bad there isn’t an Irish Corbyn / Momentum in sight.

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