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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements May 26, 2019

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An election mystery first. This from the IT argues that:

In the weeks leading up to election day, a certain sense of optimism had crept into the ranks of the Labour Party.
RTÉ’s exit poll has shown, however, that the party still faces an uphill battle.
Six per cent of those polled by Red C indicated that they supported the party.
In early tallies and counts across the country, the mooted Labour resurgence appears to have been dimmed by the now established Green wave.

Who was it who might have contributed, or might even part constructed such a narrative? Who was it who bigged up one poll with one slight uptick within the MOE as a Labour ‘resurgence’? No mention in the accompanying article.

Noted in comments on the CLR, a classic of its kind…

Sinn Féin may find the backhanded compliment from Farage unwelcome but it is not the first time the two forces have found common ground. Back in 2012 during the referendum on the EU Fiscal Treaty, which Sinn Féin strongly campaigned against, McDonald and Farage appeared together calling for a No vote in a national radio debate on Today FM chaired by Matt Cooper.

Here’s a Journal.ie liveblog which notes that those on the YES and NO side in the radio debate came on both sides from diverse backgrounds. And Farage and McDonald even then had clearly distinct positions.

Then there’s a defence of the gig economy, littered with cliches and questionable assertions ‘The next generation want portfolio careers and have little or no interest in the prospect of having a job for life’ that concludes:

The income security provided by the gig economy, coupled with the flexibility underpinning it, make the sector an invaluable money spinner for people who need to be available last minute for gigs, auditions, performances etc.
Any untoward practices by companies currently dominating one sector or another – be it ride-sharing, residential accommodation or delivery services – will continue for as long as there isn’t ample competition in each market to prevent those unfair practices – such as bargain basement wages etc that improve profit margins for those at the top while making life harder for those at the bottom.
Corporations are not inherently evil. They are no less (or more) immoral than individuals or governments. All do bad stuff and continue to do bad stuff until they are either coerced into doing otherwise or when it becomes unprofitable to continue, whichever comes first.

Then there’s this from the Guardian tech editorial.

Once upon a time, when all the world was analogue, games could only be played together by people in the same place and at the same time. But that was before the internet.

As was noted BTL, chess by mail, obviously never a thing.


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