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Anti May 31, 2019

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Some depressing accounts of racism from a range of candidates in the local elections who have parents (one or both) who are immigrants or are from immigrant backgrounds themselves. There’s some level of stupidity displayed by those being racist and – whatever their chosen political home, considerable respect deserved to those who are citizens of this state who make the effort to engage politically.

What is striking is the manner in which social media operates to channel racist attacks on the candidates and the way in which some racists take it upon themselves to speak for all Irish. For example:

Imran Khurshid, from Pakistan, who is a Fianna Fáil candidate in Dublin’s north inner city, said: “Overall I would say it’s very good, people are accommodating and listen to you … I find people are ready for diversity,” he said.
But there have been incidents of anti-immigrant abuse online, including in one case after he posted on Twitter about the 1916 Rising anniversary. “I was bombarded with all these messages, saying I’m ‘paper Irish’,” and that he had no right to speak about the Easter Rising, he said.

Really? No right at all? Perhaps those making that charge might reflect on the background of some of those centrally involved in the Rising or the struggle for Irish independence.


1. Seán Ó Murchadha - June 1, 2019

What about candidates who played the fear card? Cllr Séamus Treanor(Ind) used the term ‘economic migrants’ to classify Syrians with refugee status who got local houses allocated to them- ‘local people were pushed aside’. Other lines on his election literature includes: ‘they abuse our free legal aid system’, etc.
A specific thread on this would be good to see here.

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Seán Ó Murchadha - June 1, 2019

He is a councillor on Comhairle Contae Mhuineacháin.


2. Paul Culloty - June 1, 2019

The positive news is that nine candidates of an immigrant background were elected (up from two in 2014), and FG were surprisingly the most pro-active with 4 councillors – also 2 Greens, 1 FF, 1 Labour and 1 PBP.


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