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Slane, Metallica and SLF June 8, 2019

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Originally I’d planned to do a This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to Metallica, given their headlining Slane today. I’d hoped to get to Slane this weekend, but a chest infection got in the way big time, which is disappointing to put it mildly.

And it wasn’t just Metallica at Slane that I hoped to see, though I saw them in Dublin at the Point Depot in October 1996 and have been very curious to see how the intervening years (a quarter century!) has changed their approach, if at all. To be honest I always liked Megadeth more, but Metallica are quite a phenomenon and well worth a look.

But SLF (and IEL did a TWIMBLT for them… gulp… six years ago), who I’ve never seen live were also on the bill – interesting selection and perhaps an indication of Metallica’s open admission of being influenced by punk’s energy and speed (Discharge would be an obvious reference point). Anyhow I hope the weather stays reasonably good for those there. A Metallica TWIMBLT will come up in the near future.


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