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Election Fever! June 13, 2019

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There were rumours, so I’m told, around Leinster House of Varadkar making a statement on Tuesday that he would be dissolving the Dáil. I’ve no idea what the foundation of the rumours was, but statement there was not and government reps soon skewered the idea. And why wouldn’t they? At this point FG is on the back foot with regard to Fianna Fáil and must hope that polls change somewhat before even beginning to think about risking a vote.

Someone whose views I take very seriously in this regard told me during the week that they thought FF minority government was the likely outcome at the moment and that this was a testament to Fine Gael, albeit not in a good way, that they in the midst of a genuine economic boom are unable to make political hay of it. But then perhaps it is that after the crisis – and given the lingering impacts of that crisis, the mood is not one of gratitude amongst citizens but more ‘just get on with it’.

And to add to the mix, talking to someone else with a good read on these matters in the media their view was that an early Autumn election was a non-starter but the by-elections are the biggest problem. Late Autumn, so? Could be.


1. Joe - June 13, 2019

I sometimes get a bit of the summer blues.
I was a bit down after the locals. Maybe a bit down before them too!
So I need another election to get me up again.
I remember our great friend Eoghan Harris saying that, in the programme he made about bi-polar mental illness – that no matter how low his mood might be, if a general election was called he’d be up and energised in no time. And a friend of mine, a lifelong FGer, told me once that he’d be a bit leisciúil at the prospect of an election but once he saw the first FF poster up a poll he’d be away and stuck in with gusto for the duration.

So c’mon Leo, I need a lift 🙂


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