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Tory Leadership Election Fever! June 13, 2019

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Christ, this is horrible on so many different levels. Well, okay, not John Crace’s piece which had some killer lines in it – not least:

It used to be said that all political careers end in failure. But in the Conservative leadership contest everyone appears to be cutting to the chase by ensuring they start that way as well.

But what he describes and the accompanying video of the launches. I’m always wary of misplaced nostalgia for the past simply because it was the past – and I would never underestimate the class enemy aspect of Tories in the 1980s. But they were, for worse, always for worse, substantial enough figures. Whereas this shower are… risible. Not entirely so, for one amongst them will be the next Tory leader and Prime Minister of the UK, and that’s no joke


1. Paddy Healy - June 13, 2019

Unless some Tory MPs defect from Boris Johnson on future Ballots , his 114 votes guarantees him first or second place – only 1 lower candidate could get past him
For two places on Ballot of c 100,000 Members of Conservative Party
If it were PR, the Quota for Two Seats would be TVP 313/3 +1=104+1=105
First Ballot Votes
Johnson 114
Hunt 43
Gove 37
Raab 27
Javed 23
Hancock 20
Steward 19
Eliminated 30
Total 313


2. Joe - June 13, 2019

“I wish the remaining candidates well and I hope that all Conservative MPs will unite behind whoever wins this contest which is essential to prevent the disaster of a Marxist Government.” – Esther McVey.

Go Jez! Unstoppable!


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