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Winners and losers at the elections…. 2b – Fine Gael June 13, 2019

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Just on the IT podcast a very intriguing point made was that the GP had eaten into the FG vote at the local elections and that this might have some implications particularly in Dublin for the next election. Not bad news that for Fianna Fáil.


1. Joe - June 13, 2019

” a very intriguing point made was that the GP had eaten into the FG vote”.
Proposition as opposed to point? Have they done their sums on that? How can we know for sure? And given the still relatively small numbers of votes involved, and that it was a local election, can we really do more than speculate? Here’s my speculations:
I’d have a few notions as to where the Green votes might have come from, whose votes they had eaten into. But they’re just notions.
Like, I’d say a fair few came from pools including FG, Labour, ‘far’ left groups, Independents and some surely even from SF and FF too.
So the Greens might win a few more seats in the next GE – that could be at the expense of FG but also of any of the others. Given the narrow gap between FG and FF overall, if it falls that the Greens take a few seats from FG that could be significant. Could be.


irishelectionliterature - June 13, 2019

I think it came from the fact that a lot of the Greens that got in on the first count transferred well to FG.


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