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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements June 16, 2019

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As predicted during the week, someone thought Jeffrey Donaldson’s speech in Dublin was a serious contribution. Do some people not understand the backstop? That’s the question raised by the following from EH in the Sunday Independent…

[Jeffrey Donaldson] made it clear that the backstop was both a boulder on the back of mainstream unionism and a blockage to good relations on the island.

Moreover EH continues by quoting Charles Moore formerly of the Spectator who wrote about Boris Johnson’s “‘two core positions. First, deliver the democratic will fo the British people on Brexit. Second to resist ‘a permanent Northern Irish backstop and thus a change to the constitutional status of NI without consent'”.

Curiously business and other groups in the North differ entirely on that analysis.

But if those statements are irritant this from the same source is a classic:

Just as RTE has structured the backstop debate to hide the fact the Varadkar, enabled by an Irish media totally out of touch with British public opinion, and tribally indifferent to mainstream unionist fears, is leading our people towards a dark cave rather than lose face.


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