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One of those days when you wish they could all lose… June 19, 2019

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Rory Stewart has been ousted from the Conservative leadership contest after losing 10 votes from Conservative MPs since the last round of voting and being leapfrogged by Sajid Javid who clung on to stay in the race.The frontrunner, Boris Johnson, substantially increased his tally to 143 votes, almost three times the number of his closest rivals Jeremy Hunt (54) and Michael Gove (51).


1. benmadigan - June 19, 2019
2. Dermot M O Connor - June 21, 2019

New by-election (and another shot for the BP).


Brecon and Radnorshire is within the county of Powys, where the Brexit Party came top in May’s European Parliament elections.

2017 results:


WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2019

It never ends!


WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2019
Joe - June 22, 2019

I saw that and wondered. No ‘bad publicity’ could stop Trump. Same for Boris?

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