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The world of workers… more June 19, 2019

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Speaking of working conditions, how about this, a restaurant in England where…

The staff handbook states: “If through your negligence a customer leaves the restaurant without paying you will be liable to pay the full bill including service to the company or it will be deducted from your wages.” It’s hard to imagine what negligence could possibly make it the waiter’s fault that a customer commits an act of theft. Might they collude with the diner in a complicated scam, someone suggested? Hard to see the profit of such an enterprise when someone other than the waiter has already eaten it.
But the killer detail is “including service”; if someone steals a sum from this restaurant that includes an amount specifically meant for the waiter, the waiter still has to reimburse the restaurant. There is no decent response to that beyond: “You what?”

And here’s an interesting proposal…

Neil Foster, now at the GMB…Foster’s idea was a broad-based online union not limited to any particular sector, which anyone could join. It would have the institutional knowledge and skills of a traditional union, but the ease of use and prospect of mass mobilisation you find in modern online campaigning organisations like Avaaz and 38 Degrees. Collective demands could be made that didn’t hang on individual workers whose positions were precarious.

Would that work? Could it work? There are the Wobblies, but that’s perhaps a tad esoteric for some. Because something needs to be done. Check out the comments BTL for some remarkably unempathic stuff.


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