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As for Johnson… June 20, 2019

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Is this true? Pat Leahy writing in the IT this last weekend about Boris Johnson and saying:

Put another way, do we stick with the backstop no matter what the cost?

The choice then was Yes, we take that risk, we hold our nerve, because the UK will not crash out. It proved right: in the end Mrs May would not inflict a no-deal on her country.
But with Johnson the political context will change, perhaps drastically.

Would he blink too? Probably. Would he definitely blink? Tough call.

The other thing to be said in passing about a Johnson premiership is that it is highly unlikely he will have the slightest interest in Northern Ireland.

That first conundrum is tricky – but it’s worth keeping in mind that a crash-out Britain is going to have to come back and deal with the border and the broader relationship with the UK sooner rather than later. So would the government figure that that crash-out might prove a learning experience for the UK? Or would the danger be an ever more isolated UK might simply grab onto what it could hold and this would in some way cement matters in a manner problematic for this island? That’s a hell of a question.

As to the second, how does Johnson’s lack of interest in NI factor in?


1. tafkaGW - June 20, 2019

Johnson is intellectually lazy as well as a moral vacuum. Like Trump, that he doesn’t think about something is no indication that he won’t do something impulsive about it.

But he’s also a person who’s worldview-formation stopped at about 12 years of age when he’d imbibed all the imperial entitlement and nostalgia that form his class in England.

So no, I think he is a unionist deep down.

Whether he has the competence to maintain that union is another matter entirely.

More widely the following scenario seems quite likely:

1) Johnson gets elected.
2) He makes a deal with Farage and Banks to pursue no-deal Brexit
3) He calls an election for October with Farage having stood the Brexit party down. He’s the sole owner of that company anyhow.
4) British Labour continues to maintain a Brexit position which doesn’t attract Remainers back to its coalition.
5) The Tories / Brexit Party unit win a majority.
6) Crash-out occurs.


Johnson doesn’t call an election but makes no request for an extension. The British parliament can’t find a way to force him to ask for an extension, thanks to the DUP and the likes of Kate Hoey. Crash out occurs.

Anyhow shadow boxing until October. Enjoy the summer holidays.


Joe - June 20, 2019

All sound and logical until you reach point 5), GW.
JezLabour will win the next UK GE whenever it is called.


tafkaGW - June 20, 2019

We’ll see Joe. Eventually.


Joe - June 20, 2019

Get down to the bookies GW and put your money down. This is a nailed-on cast iron plunger. Don’t delay! It’s free money, I’m tellin’ ya!
Indeed, it’s a double whammy. We take a load of money from the bookies and we get socialism in Britain. What’s not to like?


tafkaGW - June 20, 2019

I hope you’re right Joe, but I’ll keep my cash in my slimline wallet for now, if that’s all right with you.


2. tafkaGW - June 20, 2019

But then again, I guess once he’s PM of Brexitannia, the Johnson will do whatever he thinks will keep him in place as PM for as long as possible.

If that meant ditching the union with NI, his lust for status might override his prep-school indoctrination.


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