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North-south cooperation and Brexit. June 20, 2019

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In a way this is a devastating rebuff and response to the likes of Bew (detailed here yesterday) who have sought to minimise or wave away the scale of disruption that Brexit represents to the status quo on this island, a European Commission document that outlines in detail the areas of north-south cooperation that will be ‘disrupted’ by Brexit.

And as noted by RTÉ:

The paper has the potential to strongly undermine the arguments that the Irish border dilemma can be solved by technology alone, as it points to a broad range of cross-border activity that goes well beyond the technical and fiscal aspects of customs and single market regulations.

The ten-page document, which has been circulated to 27 member states, traces the evolution of the so-called mapping exercise, which the EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier asked London to embark upon when Brexit negotiations got under way in June of 2017.

According to the so-called working paper, during the mapping exercise “it was consistently recognised that virtually all areas of north-south cooperation are predicated on the avoidance of a hard border, including related customs or regulatory checks and controls”.

As noted yesterday, the reality is that anything that alters those aspects of cooperation for the worse is a step backwards. And cuts across the GFA/BA.

According to the document, all parties to the mapping exercise “fully recognised that cooperation must be seen in the context of the commitments made in the [Good Friday] Agreement”.

Not least because:

The Good Friday Agreement also set up north-south implementation bodies, Tourism Ireland Limited, “and other areas of cooperation that have developed since the agreement”.

Again, that which ‘disrupts’ them, that introduces blocks or impediments de facto runs contrary to the GFA/BA.


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