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Not great news for SF June 20, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

This has to constitute a blow for SF, doesn’t it? The news that Toireasa Ferris is not standing as a candidate in Kerry. Any thoughts on the implications?


1. Joe - June 20, 2019

Fair play to her for having the cop on to make the decision.
Kerry has been a traditional SF stronghold for 100 years. Not comparable with some of the other areas in the south where there was SF success and then fallback in the last decade. So this is a blow, candidate/personality/name- wise, but they will find another candidate and should still hold the seat there at the next GE.


irishelectionliterature - June 20, 2019

They should just about hold on , No Spring running for Labour, at present no Tralee based candidate. However the Candidate will have to be from the North of the County to make the most of these factors. The Healy Raes have taken a lot of the protest vote that may have gone to SF. FF and FG will be all out to get a second seat.
There’ll be 2 Healy Raes, at least 1 FF and 1 FG with SF, FF and FG in the shout for the final seat.


Jim Monaghan - June 20, 2019

“The Healy Raes have taken a lot of the protest vote that may have gone to SF” How depressing. How really depressing. Mind you it bears out what I feel. The state is now far more French Third or Fourth Republic. The traditional bourgeois parties which had some discipline are now being replaced by open cliques and wardheelers. Maybe I will run next time on a “Airport for the Southside” progamme.


2. roddy - June 20, 2019

I think Martin will have to run again.


ThalmannBrigadier - June 20, 2019

They’ll run Pa Daly more than likely.

Not great though. Had Toireseas run, she would have been a shoo-in even against the Healy-Rae’s (this is Kerry after all – the epitome of dynastic politics).


Paul Culloty - June 21, 2019

Even in Tralee, their FPV declined by 30% in comparison to the 2014 locals – any candidate who’s not a Ferris would struggle to hold the seat, but neither FF nor FG have strong running mates on their tickets.


3. Paul H - June 21, 2019

Or Liada ni Riada runs? Lives nearby in West Cork and represented the whole of Munster in the European Parliament


WorldbyStorm - June 21, 2019

That makes sense. And they need a win.


ThalmannBrigadier - June 21, 2019

They were critical of a presidential run. Besides imposing a west cork candidate on a kerry constituency would go down like a lead balloon.

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Joe - June 21, 2019

Got it in one TB! Sheesh, Paul H and WbS, do yis know yer Ireland at all at all? 🙂

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nollaigoj - June 21, 2019

You mean “down the country”, Joe?


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