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Love Death Robots June 22, 2019

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Caught a couple of these short animated or mostly animated features on Netflix and was pleased to see an adaptation of Alastair Reynolds short story Zima Blue. Slightly less keen on a version of his Beyond the Aquila Rift which is a great great story but not entirely done justice by the weirdly lifelike (but not quite there) CGI of the animation and an ending that slightly muffled the thrust of the original story by going towards conventional horror shocks rather than the truly disturbing implications of the original.

Working through the others slowly, some of the Scalzi one’s are fantastic, but surely but this is an excellent review of the overall series – and it notes a curious ‘boys club’ aspect to the shorts.

As the writer notes, surely Miller and Fincher have read Le Guin. Or how about, I wonder, James Tiptree Jnr (her The Screwfly Solution mentioned here previously and linked to as a text is surely a candidate for an animated treatment).


1. EWI - June 25, 2019

Some wild tonal shifts in the series; it resembles the old Animatrix collection in many respects but the veering from horror to military sci-fi to light-hearted comedy makes for an uneven binge experience.


WorldbyStorm - June 26, 2019

Big time. Some of it is very weak, some very strong. I found 30-40 minutes at a go the best.


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