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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to…Priests June 22, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

I’ve mentioned before the difficulty in finding new music in an age where there’s so much stuff. It’s not that there’s not new music available, but how to determine what to listen to?

For a long time emusic was a treasure trove in this regard – but in the last year or so it has been losing labels hand over fist. There’s still good stuff there but not much new music appearing, at least nowhere near as much as was evident a few years back. Other options are bandcamp – and albums can be significantly cheaper there. Soundcloud too is useful for working through groups of similar sounding approaches.

Review site are great, but again where to start? Anyhow, oddly enough this crowd I discovered looking up another group on Robert Christgau’s site. I’ve long mentioned my liking of Chrisgau’s reviews – albeit I’ve never liked his, granted, tongue in cheek ‘Dean of American Rock Critics’. Let us be the judge of that Robert. That said he still has an ear for the good stuff.

And here’s a group that fits right into that bill. Priests are from Washington D.C. and their second album, The Seduction of Kansas, is an expansive thing. It’s deeply political – feminist, left-wing (Bodies and Control and Money and Power was the title of one of their EPs). No surprise they run their own label – Sister Polygon Records and do so with an avowedly community and DIY ethos.

From opener Jesus’ Son through to the almost pop like title track and then on to Youtube Sartre and I’m Clean, and that’s just the first four tracks. Other standouts are Good Time Charlie (an excoriating and commanding take-down of mythic aspects of congressman Charlie Wilson) and Texas Instruments.

But it also is just great music. Sharp, witty, angry, and encompassing a range of genres with considerable facility – post-punk (there’s some attention to the incidental sounds that crop up on tracks used on tracks that is very early 1980s), dance and pop. A fraction over-produced perhaps, but that’s a minor complaint given the overall strength of the work. Comparison’s are invidious but there is a similarity approach with EMA (lauded here previously) or in terms of the vocals Cate le Bon. Extremely listenable.

Good Time Charlie

YouTube Sartre

The Seduction of Kansas

I’m Clean

Jesus’ Son


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