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Book sales in the UK June 29, 2019

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These figures suggest that book sales are pretty robust with a small fallback for printed books from £3.11bn in 2017 to £2.95bn in 2018. The demise of print is clearly some way away, and while digital is a significant chunk of the market it remains well well behind print at £653m. Audiobooks are beginning to make an impact but they are even further behind – at £69m per year.

Perhaps very slightly more troubling is this:

“I’m not concerned that this could be a watershed moment for the printed book, we are not there yet,” said Lotinga. “We have not seen a huge shift into subscription services, piracy is low, people still love physical books. It is a trend halt, sales are still up 8% over the last five years.”
Consumer ebook sales continued their slow decline, down 2% to £251m. Sales have fallen 20% since 2014 as rising competition for screen time from services such as Netflix, Facebook and YouTube continues to eat away at the popularity of ebooks and ereaders.


1. Starkadder - June 30, 2019

As I type this, I am looking at an enormous hardback on my bookshelf,
“Kirby: King of Comics” by Mark Evanier. It has full-size reproductions of Jack Kirby’s wonderful comic drawings, printed on quality paper.

Books like this one may not be the bread-and-butter of the publishing industry, but they also have a special appeal to many readers. I find it difficult to imagine a world where such books would be phased out in favour of digital versions.

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WorldbyStorm - June 30, 2019


Those sort of books and many others are vastly superior to digital versions.


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