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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements June 30, 2019

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[Alan] Shatter probably failed to get a fair hearing because the public generally has little sympathy for politicians and assumes, wrongly, that none of them tell the truth. The only person in the Dáil to offer a defence of Shatter when he was being abused from all corners after his resignation was Clare Labour TD and barrister Michael McNamara who wrote: “His lack of deference to his ‘learned friends’ attracted a level of resentment unparalleled since Roger Casement was denied legal representation by the Bar of Ireland. His resignation was greeted with glee in the Law Library with some of Ireland’s finest legal minds punching the air in frenzied scenes of jubilation.” Maybe Shatter should be grateful he wasn’t hanged like Casement.



1. EWI - June 30, 2019

I feel like this OTT drama helps explain why Shatter’s ministerial career ended. As for Collins, I assume thar there’s a twofer here (‘vindicating’ the Guards by proxy, and rehabilitating someone who is very much on board with Western European imperialism).

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2. 6to5against - June 30, 2019

Reading pretty much any Irish print media over the last few years you would think that all Irish politicians + senior Gardaí had been entirely vindicated in the McCabe affair – apparently based on some or all of the many investigations that were set up in the hope of pushing that whole sorry saga off the front pages.

Who was it that stood up in the Dail and belittled the early accounts of corruption coming from whistleblowers? Or did a subsequent enquiry establish that that didn’t happen? Who was it that talked about Mick Wallace receiving lenience from the Gardaí – attempting to besmirch his pursuit of Garda corruption. Or did that not happen either?

Politicians pay a political price for political actions. Why is that so hard for some of them to accept?

Maybe none of it happened.


WorldbyStorm - June 30, 2019

There is a weird sort of amnesia here at work definitely (though very convenient for some) as you say.


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