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Workers’ Rights vs Anti-Union Legislation – July 3rd 2019 June 30, 2019

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The Trade Union Left Forum is hosting a discussion on the impact of the Industrial Relations act on Trade Union activity and organising on Wednesday, 3rd of July from 1:15 pm to 2:30 pm in the Ireland Institute for Historical and Cultural Studies, 27 Pearse Street, Dublin (right near the ICTU conference in Trinity College).

Presentations will be made by:
Gareth Murphy (FSU)
John Douglas (Mandate)
The event is open to members of all trade unions so please come along and have your say.

For more information, please go to the TULF’s event page on Facebook by clicking here.


1. sackeddocker - July 1, 2019

The biggest impediment to workers Rights is the trade union SIPTU – why is there a media blackout on this scandal? What has happened to the independence of Theatre in Ireland?
My censored play ‘The Judas Goat’ is an Irish On The Waterfront. This censoring has led to all my plays being censored – so not to give me any clout and able to demand that ‘The Judas Goat’ be staged – and for the “Free Press” who [self censor] to report on this unbelievable scandal. An early draft is on my profile page on linkedin. This play is set at Belfast Docks and is a true story. It shows how 50 years ago the Union chairman joined his union branch with the employers. He even ordered the Dockers to discharge Asbestos without protection to save the employers money. For documentary proof of the Union and Employers Court which termed itself ‘The Joint Disciplinary Committee’ see my posts and http://www.siptupresidentjackoconnorexposed.com You may have to type in the address as sometimes the link doesn’t work] Then open UTV’s programme ‘Death Trap on the Docks’ on youtube and see dying Dockers and widows relate their unbelievable stories. This was the first time in Trade Union history, anywhere in the world that a trade union persecuted, sacked and ordered to their death its own members and their families.
And also the first time anywhere in the world that an employer was a trade union member. After forming the diabolical ‘Union and Employers Court’ the chairman left the union and joined the employers as Labour Controller and brought his corruption to an even more disgusting level.
The Court scene is missing from the draft on my profile page which I tightened up considerably.] However and unbelievably the now ex union chairman was allowed to remain a Union Member – by both head office in Dublin and The Irish Congress of Trade Unions – so much so that ten years ago he received his 50 year long service badge from Jack O’Connor – the then Union president. The cover up of corruption beggars belief.
Neither O’Connor or Norman Shannon, the Belfast solicitor who sat on my case for seven years, until it became Statute Barred will sue me for calling them Corrupt and putting their corruption on linkedin. [See my posts] The documentary evidence of the Court on the website is is what SIPTU, which ITGWU morphed into, [it is still the same Union] and the Employers are covering up. However, the banner heading of the Court says it all.
Any wonder SIPTU officials are using their friends in the Arts to censor this play. Also on the website is a letter to Jack O’Connor from his own Belfast solicitor, one John O’Neill of Thompson McClures, Belfast, stating that his Union ‘did’ sack its own members at Belfast Docks. He also tries to exonerate the Union, by totally ignoring the fact that a Trade Union cannot Lawfully sack and persecute its own members.
See also the letters from ICTU and the Union in the 1970’s – proving they knew what was going on but choose to ignore it. Why, who bought them off and how much were they paid? Was it the same people who bought off Norman Shannon?
See the Proof on the website. However the censorship has not stopped me writing as I’ve just completed a trilogy of plays set in a Hostel for the Homeless in Dublin.


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