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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Fucked Up, Dose Your Dreams. July 6, 2019

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Once every few years Fucked Up appear on my musical radar with a new album. And there’s no question that their curious blend of hardcore vocals, and just about everything else is entertaining. Their latest, Dose Your Dreams, released last year is an expansive 18 song, hour and twenty two minutes set, that seems to drag in a bit of post-punk, indie, touches of electronica and hardcore vocals. There’s a lot to recommend itself here. None of Your Business Man opens the album to ethereal piano, female vocals, some strings before…er… hardcore vocals and guitars chip in about a minute and a half in. That this is a almost unbelievably tuneful song driven along by parts of a horn section (reminiscent of The Saints at their best) is a plus.

But wait have I mentioned the female vocals? Because they are the bridge to the softer, or shall we say less hardcore, arrangements. And at times it’s as if (and Raise Your Voice is a good example) one is listening to the Undertones, albeit an Undertones where Feargal Sharkey was shown the door early or Poison Idea with Kleenex/LiLiPUT sharing vocals – as with Raise Your Voice Joyce. Speaking of which. Is that a non-hardcore vocal on Normal People, why yes, yes it is, at least for the first part of the song – and this by the by brings to mind the perennial debate about clean vocals around groups like Opeth and Killing Joke about which I’ve less mixed feelings than perhaps I should liking both if admitting to an inclination to cleaner vocals.

Torch to Light reminds me a bit of The Passage or something from the mid-80s, or even at a push Disco Inferno’s mid-1990s experimentation, that weird mix of post-punk, electronica and after. It’s that good. As is the title track which is simply brilliant uplifting music which combines hardcore and Manchester in a remarkably effortless fashion.

And then the interplay of voices is so well structured that what might be a chore, listening to the vocals becomes instead a pleasure. A feature I really like is the use of short snippets, distinctly different to the songs proper, as outros – very 1980s. Admirable.

It’s an exhilarating album that never outstays its welcome and manages to achieve the necessary balance between genuinely tuneful songs and sonic experimentation. Kind of genius.

Dose Your Dreams

Or Tell Me What You See

None of Your Business Man (Live)

Raise Your Voice Joyce

Normal People

Torch to Light


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