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Stupidity piled on stupidity… hypocrisy piled on hypocrisy. July 11, 2019

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Perhaps the most absurd aspect of the Kim Darroch/Trump affair, that is the private comments that Britain’s Ambassador Darroch made about Trump and the US administration which were leaked, after Johnson not defending him and the man having to resign, is the tooth-grinding stupidity of those complaining about what was said.

Take by way of example Nigel Farage who says that this proves the wrong man is in Washington. That’s utterly risible. It’s not the job of an Ambassador for one state to function as the effective cheerleader for the leader of the state they are sent to. Anything but. Their function is to represent the interests of their own state. And part of that, a large part, is to give honest and unmediated analyses of those in the state they are sent to.

As the Atlantic noted:

…the optics of firing Darroch and replacing him with someone the White House finds more favorable—such as arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage, who Trump previously said would do a “great job” as ambassador—could be just as damaging. (Farage said this week that he wouldn’t be the right man for the job.) Rather than conjuring the image of a strong “global Britain” ready to reaffirm its prominence on the world stage once it leaves the EU, firing Darroch would instead portray the U.K. as a weak, deferential actor that can be bullied by even its closest allies.
It would also undermine the process by which Britain appoints ambassadors—one that is based not on the size of campaign donations (as is often the case in the U.S.), but by the length of distinguished service in Britain’s diplomatic corps. Prior to becoming ambassador to the U.S. in 2016, Darroch was the U.K.’s national security adviser.

Still, it’s a fascinating insight into the very clear contradictions and hypocrisies of Farage, a man who would presumably not be complaining were these comments about Barnier or some other EU worthy. And it raises interesting questions about the supposed anti-globalist credentials of Farage and those of his ilk. For all that he and they rail against those who would supposedly rob them of sovereignty it is very clear how partial and partisan those complaints are. Farage is supremely comfortable with the likes of Trump (and Putin too come to think of it). As indeed are others on the free trade side. But then this is about power and the accumulation and exercise of power. And if that means effectively becoming the representative of a foreign power and its interests… well so be it. And that raises the question as to when the penny is going to drop for some about the very real ‘elite’ this crew represents.

Though the weirdest thing is that Trump leans into the controversy by actually underscoring the points made by Darroch. Strange man.


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