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A leaky ship July 17, 2019

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Just on the Darroch debacle, an interesting point made in the Guardian…

If or when Britain does finally leave the European Union, negotiating a new basis for relations with our former partners and rethinking national strategy will put unprecedented demands on Whitehall. It will be essential that ministers get the best advice from their civil servants, and that decisions are based on pooling all the key information.That can only happen in an environment where everyone has trust that confidential information will remain just that. It’s embarrassing that we all know Britain’s ambassador believes the US administration is “dysfunctional”, “unpredictable”, “faction-riven” and “inept”. But the most toxic aspect of the latest leak is that it undermines trust in that confidentiality. Following the briefing to the media of discussions in the National Security Council about the role of Huawei in the UK’s 5G network, it suggests a deeply worrying pattern is emerging. Some people in the system are abusing their access to national security information to pursue political goals without any thought for the damage to the county’s interests or reputation.

A useful analysis too, it argues the damage of the Darroch case is threefold, firstly showing dysfunction in the UK diplomatic/public service in relation to confidentiality (who would want to offer information to a state that can’t keep its own ambassador’s musings secret?), secondly the consequent efforts to curtail information distribution which will hobble the UK’s ability to use information usefully. Finally the consequences in terms of preventing civil servants being frank about a range of issues.

As ever, in these processes, we see the UK damaged by self-inflicted wounds.


1. EWI - July 17, 2019

Can we please ask them to next leak the identities of CHALK and GRANITE, the two British intelligence assets inside the Irish Volunteers in 1916?

(Taking odds on at least one later getting elected to the Dáil)

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2. Dermot M O Connor - July 18, 2019

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