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Differences of opinion July 18, 2019

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This has been irritating me for a while, something from the tranche of documents released earlier in the year about the troubles within the CWI.

The political issues in the leaked discussion documents are very important ones. With three TDs (MPs) and 11 councillors, the Irish CWI organisation is a small, but politically significant, trend and there is no question that it has been on a rightist trajectory for some time. It is perfectly correct for this drift to be confronted and fought – but Taaffe and the political circle around him are not the people for the job. The IS has consistently encouraged its sections to not simply take account of the prevailing moods around them, but to adapt their political strategies and initiatives to them.

Would people agree that the SP has been on a ‘rightist’ trajectory? That seems a stretch to me. This isn’t to say that tonally – at least as I would perceive it, there’s been a shift in emphasis, but that’s not quite the same thing. Still I’d be interested in others views.


1. Joe - July 18, 2019

Not sure where that quote comes from. One of the internal CWI factions or the CPGB/Weekly Worker?

Must be bemusing/amusing for CWI people to see other even flakier an smaller left sects giving their tuppenceworth on whatever is going on in CWI.

Whether the SP in Ireland has been on a rightist trajectory or not, I don’t know. But I’d hope that it stays together as intact as possible through this CWI split.

All these sects and small parties – SP, SWN, WP, CPI and on an on – what’s the point? I’ll suggest to Jez that he sets up a branch of his revolution in the twenty six, maybe.


EWI - July 18, 2019

All these sects and small parties – SP, SWN, WP, CPI and on an on – what’s the point? I’ll suggest to Jez that he sets up a branch of his revolution in the twenty six, maybe.

It’s utterly futile and self-sabotaging, but setting up yet another ‘local’ office of a UK operation would just be adding fuel to the fire.


Joe - July 18, 2019

You’re probably right EWI. I was talking to Jez on the red phone just a minute ago and I put the idea to him. He just said “Join SF”. I resign.


2. Alibaba - July 18, 2019

The accusation that SP ‘have junked economism in favour of feminism.’ is wide of the mark. Though surely the move towards so-called Socialist Feminism is unprecedented for SPI and implies a regime open to developing old perspectives, albeit in a way I don’t necessarily applaud. Nor do I concur that SP have a bad record in promoting abortion rights. In my experience in trade union days they came lately and supported them fully when others cry loud. SP continue to do what they always did: adapt in the interests first and foremost of reformist electoralism.


FergusD - July 20, 2019

As someone who knew Militant in the U.K. in the 70s I would agree with Alibaba. They turned ‘entryism’, a tactic for survival really, into a principal and in my view tacked close to left reformist ‘Bennism’. I know they were expelled from the LPs, but I think they hung on to that left reformist trend, although I haven’t really followed them closely since they became the SPs.

Weird they should be accused of drifting to identity politics and away from class politics now. Maybe true, I don’t know, but back in the day they made a point of keeping away from the identity politics a lot of the left migrated towards. Also, seems to me ironic that class issues are really coming to the fore, whilst they are accused of moving away from class politics, although in rather unexpected ways in Europe and America e.g Yellow Vests, yet the ‘far left’ does to not seem to realise it and many still cling to identity politics. We have to be open to the possibility that potentially positive movement amongst the working class may not come through the unions and social democratic parties.

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