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FAI idea what’s going on… July 18, 2019

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Does anyone with a better handle on soccer in Ireland than me (which is pretty much any of five or six million people on the island) have an explanation not for what is going on in the FAI which I think I understand but more why those involved appear(ed) to think they could take that approach and what is the likelihood they’ll get through with it? And are there any broader questions this raises about the state and such bodies?


1. oliverbohs - July 19, 2019

Sorry, no insights, only an observation as to how ingrained the Sopranos style set up Delaney had going, and how that will be difficult to change(media ban at AGM, after all that’s happened!) But UEFA and FIFA don’t give a monkey’s about transparency. Their ideal regarding sport governance would be someone like Victor Orban. They cd do business with a guy like him anytime.
Irish football before 2002 was known for fiefdoms and infighting and it seems back there we go again. They’ll eventually, reluctantly go along with the bare minimum of government suggested reforms, once more details from the two or three enquiries into FAI accounts come out. There might be more clout for LOI clubs in the future which can only help

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Liberius - July 19, 2019

FIFA and UEFA have written to the FAI to express concern over a letter from Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport Shane Ross to FAI President Donal Conway asking him to withdraw his nomination to be re-elected to the role.

Both the European and World governing bodies for soccer held up the prospect of a possible suspension for the FAI and for the Republic of Ireland international teams should they be able to prove a case of ‘undue influence from a third party.’

Muscles being flexed as expected, it’s almost impossible to produce good governance under these circumstances.



WorldbyStorm - July 19, 2019

The joke is the way they’re ‘transparency’ to shore up the status quo – urghhhh


2. Joe - July 19, 2019

Surely, the lesson for the likes of the FAI and the Olympic Council before them is to have rules that put a realistic time limit on the tenure of CEOs or whatever the top dogs in the organisation are called.
Delaney was effectively Top Dog for Life in the FAI, Hickey the same in OCI. In both cases, eventually it all came tumbling down.

I personally know someone who has been on the Board of the FAI for many of the Delaney years. He’s a decent bloke – I would say that wouldn’t I? He told me a while back than when the dust dies down we’ll meet for a cuppa and he’ll give me his take on it all.

Could be a CLR exclusive if it comes to pass!

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WorldbyStorm - July 19, 2019

Agreed and thanks to you all for clarifying this – the thought of these orgs being orban like rings very true


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