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Bad to worse July 19, 2019

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One of the more intriguing aspects of Brexit is the manner in which any number of expert bodies have provided detailed research and analysis that offers compelling evidence that a no-deal (or indeed hard, or indeed any) Brexit will prove to have decisive negative impacts upon the British economy – and the response to same which has been remarkably indifferent. So many bodies, in fact, that the latest from the Office for Budget Responsibility which while taking a more ‘benign’ framework than many such, still argues that the UK would ‘experience a recession that would shrink the economy by 2%, push unemployment above 5% and send house prices tumbling by around 10%’ is likely to be received by similar indifference.

What is the cause of this sheer dislocation from reality? A sense of exceptionalism? Profound ignorance? Perhaps those who propose hard and no-Brexit being by dint of financial and other resources relatively immune to the impacts? But what of those who seemingly unquestioningly accept these proposed Brexits?

A further question is what happens when these negative scenarios come, as they must inevitably, to pass? Where then will the resultant anger and worse be directed?


1. Dermot M O Connor - July 19, 2019

Was thinking of our tory friends recently. Used to be the party of

1 Business
2 Unionism
3 Family Values / Tradition
4 Monarchism


* PM will be Boris ‘Fuck Business’ Johnson
* 60%+ would get rid of Scotland / NI to get Brexit
* Boris is a serial philanderer
* Most candidates for PM are opium fiends
* Prorogation of parliament entangles Queen in political fray

So much then for 1-4. Which leaves what? The party bedrock is exposed: English nationalism, everything/everyone else be damned. Fuck business, fuck the Union, fuck the family, fuck the queen.

Interesting to see a Tory MP agrees.


A Tory former minister has said he will step down at the next election because the Conservatives are becoming an English “nationalist” party that is trying to “appeal to the extremes”.

Guto Bebb, who resigned as a defence minister last year in protest at Theresa May’s Brexit policy, said he would not feel able to support either Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as leader.

The leadership contest between the pair had exposed “attitudes within the Conservative Party that don’t appeal to me at all”, he said.

Hobbes said “hell is the truth seen too late”. Better late than never Bebb, in any case.

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WorldbyStorm - July 19, 2019

They are in deep trouble now


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