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Moon: Lunar Lander simulator July 20, 2019

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Years ago I remember reading in, I think Speed&Power, about a teenager who had built the interior of a passenger jet cockpit in the attic of the house he lived in. I recall being pretty impressed, but searching for something similar I was surprised nothing turning up of people building the interior of a Command Module or Lunar Module in their houses. And yet you’d think at this remove that would be much much easier – not least that simulating through digital technologies the views would be quite feasible. . There are those who’ve built spaceship interiors, but that’s not quite the same thing.

Still, there is this. Now it’s no bargain (though I like the kiosk which through the judicious use of a mirror offers users a ‘sense’ of the full size of Lunar Module.


1. FOTOROTO - July 22, 2019

There is an open-source simulator available…

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WorldbyStorm - July 22, 2019

Thanks for that – appreciated

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