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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… music taken to the Moon on Apollo 11 July 20, 2019

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Here’s a fascinating piece from Vanity Fair which looks at music that the astronauts brought to the Moon – using a mixtape, quite literally, made for them by one Mickey Kapp. It’s a great story and well worth reading. This detail is useful.

From Apollo 7 onwards, NASA equipped every astronaut with a compact Sony TC-50 cassette recorder, a sort of proto-Walkman. Its primary purpose was not to play music but, rather, to serve as a convenient way for the astronauts to log mission notes verbally instead of with a pen and paper.
“But they could put music on the tapes for the ride up, and then record over it with their notes later, because who cares?,” Kapp, now 88, told me in a recent interview, speaking by phone from his home in California. “So I would program their music.”

But at this remove it is fascinating what they listened to… check out John Stewart’s contribution in particular. I like me a bit of sentimentality (and a big hi to Jimmy Webb there for Galveston – those strings!). Though presumably the Blood, Sweat & Tears track is kind of a joke too?

New World Symphony – Antonin Dvorak

Galveston Glen Campbell

People Barbra Streisand

Three O’Clock in the Morning Lou Rawls

Angel of the Morning. Bettye Swann

Everyday People – Peggy Lee (cover of Sly Stone)

Spinning Wheel – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Mother Country John Stewart

Mist O’ the Moon – Music out of the Moon
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, Harry Revel, Les Baxter

Moon Moods – Music out of the Moon
Dr. Samuel J. Hoffman, Harry Revel, Les Baxter

And here is music associated with other space missions by NASA. https://www.deseretnews.com/top/3289/0/Going-to-the-moon-Heres-an-astronaut-playlist-courtesy-of-NASAs-early-missions.html


1. Tomboktu - July 20, 2019

Ellen Cranitch is doing a moon theme on Purple Vespertine tonight, and she hasn’t used any of your/the astronauts’ choice of tunes (yet).

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