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Sunday and the Week’s Media Evasive Statement July 21, 2019

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Someone writing about the GFA/BA suggests the following about direct rule:

If direct rule has to be introduced, to the reluctance of everyone involved, it does not need to cause a rupture between London and Dublin. Under the Belfast Agreement, the operation of Stormont is entirely a matter of UK sovereignty. Devolution has been suspended four times since the agreement, the last time for five years from 2002.

Is that reading entirely correct? Consider the text of the GFA/BA:

5. We acknowledge the substantial differences between our continuing, and equally legitimate, political aspirations. However, we will endeavour to strive in every practical way towards reconciliation and rapprochement within the framework of democratic and agreed arrangements. We pledge that we will, in good faith, work to ensure the success of each and every one of the arrangements to be established under this agreement. It is accepted that all of the institutional and constitutional arrangements – an Assembly in Northern Ireland, a North/South Ministerial Council, implementation bodies, a British-Irish Council and a British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference and any amendments to British Acts of Parliament and the Constitution of Ireland – are interlocking and interdependent and that in particular the functioning of the Assembly and the North/South Council are so closely inter-related that the success of each depends on that of the other.

Then there’s this in the IT. ‘We’ve’ disgraced ourselves. Again. Apparently.

Fundamentally what the Dáil debate on Mercosur showed is that our political system is increasingly dominated not by concerns for the common good but by the demands of small vocal minorities who quite often don’t even know what they are talking about. Irish politicians who complain about the way Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are pandering to the prejudices of the Conservative party membership should examine their own consciences before pontificating about the failure of politics in the UK.

Meanwhile this from the FT, a letter printed this week, is just perfect!

Other evasive or stupid statements welcome.


1. Yobbah - July 21, 2019

Boris Johnson is Varadkar’s fault according to historian, Brendan Simms in the Irish Times.


WorldbyStorm - July 21, 2019

And a Henry Jackson society member no less – his ‘meta-intellectual’ point in the IT interview is utterly incoherent given material reality.


2. Daire O'Criodain - July 22, 2019

I am not on retainer from Stephen Collins but not sure what is faulty in the piece you cite.

First, all we have currently is a “sketch” that will only translate into a definitive agreement in two years or more and the beef quota (1.25% of current EU market, so not huge) will be phased in over five years, so they are not queueing up no the docks.

“Sketch” provides specific stipulations on Paris accord and EU food standards. Maybe these won’t be adhered to when the time comes, though not sure why the EU would allow that and, anyway, if they aren’t then that’s the time to oppose the Agreement, not now as farmers, SF and FF are doing.

Our own Paris performance isn’t stellar and farmers aren’t slow to push our government to find faraway new markets for our beef. This deal opens up new markets in SA for other agrifood stuff.

So, maybe “for once” should apply but hasn’t Stephen a point?


WorldbyStorm - July 22, 2019

No dispute with what you are saying – it’s more the tone of Collins piece trying to make an equivalence between total dysfunction in Westminster to the highest level and some fairly predictable responses in the Oireachtas. I just don’t think it’s like and like particularly given the Ooreachtas response has little real substance. Though also agree there’s a fair bit of uninformed special pleading

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Daire O'Criodain - July 22, 2019

That’s very fair. He does wag the finger a bit.

I read only The Irish Times not because its so wonderful but the others are even worse. The Simms article was extraordinary but it was right to publish it with a straight face!

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WorldbyStorm - July 22, 2019

They were practically salivating over Simms – is it my imagination of dud they mention family/religion twice?


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