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What you want to say – 24 July 2019 July 24, 2019

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Paddy Healy - July 24, 2019

When will we see the IRISH SUPREME COURT FOLLOW THE DUTCH and apportion a just percentage of responsibility and reparations due to the victims of wars in the Middle East that were facilitated by US military use of Shannon airport?
Letter to Irish Independent From Dr ED Horgan (Comdt. Retired) Shannonwatch Full Letter https://wp.me/pKzXa-Ut
The Dutch supreme court has ruled the Dutch state bears 10pc responsibility for the failure of its military peacekeepers to protect Srebrenica Muslims towards whom they had a duty of care (Irish Independent, July 20).


2. Paddy Healy - July 24, 2019

Time Bomb- Pensioners To Be Pauperized as Home Ownership Becomes Unattainable and Rents Rocket under Extremist Right Wing Government https://wp.me/pKzXa-wc
Assistant Professor Orla Hegarty, a housing expert from UCD’s School of Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy, said the State’s whole pension system relies on 70pc of people not having to pay housing costs when they retire.Rents are driven up as shift from home ownership risks pension time bomb-Irish Independent, July 24 .Cuckoo funds have splurged €2.3bn snapping up thousands of apartments and still have more than €6bn left in their coffers to invest in the housing market, according to a new report


3. Tomboktu - July 25, 2019

I’m not in the mood to read this paper.

J. Peter Clinch and Anne Pender, “‘You don’t miss the water ’til the well runs dry’: Factors influencing the failure of domestic water charges in Ireland”, Economic and Social Review, Vol. 50, No. 2, pp. 369-389.


Access to safe drinking water and wastewater services is essential for public health, and wellbeing, but attitudes differ regarding how such services should be funded. In Ireland, the 2014 introduction of a domestic-sector, consumption-based, charging regime was met with public protests, leading eventually to the suspension of charges in 2016 and a subsequent recommendation by a parliamentary committee that they be abolished. Given that some form of domestic water charges exists in all EU countries, and that charges may still be required to comply with EU legislation, it is important to understand why the Irish domestic-charging policy failed. This paper presents five factors that were arguably influential in generating the opposition to such charges: whether water services are perceived as public, private or social goods; levels of public trust in government; personal values; ‘framing’ of the water charges policy; and the timing of the introduction of charges.


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4. Joe - July 26, 2019

Pensioners and water.
That reminds me.
How is everyone’s garden going?


5. Alibaba - July 26, 2019

Here’s an Open Letter on Left Cooperation:

‘This cooperation would also be considerably strengthened if progressive forces publicly ruled out coalition with Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.’

Too bloody right. That would give it a harder edge and that’s just for the starters.



Joe - July 26, 2019

Again, again, again, again, again…. Down down, deeper and down

It wouldn’t be summer for the Irish left without call for and meetings about left unity. See yis in the Teachers Club.

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6. gypsybhoy69 - July 26, 2019
Joe - July 26, 2019

I feel your pain bhoy. Young people these days, wha’?

Any truth in the rumour that the HQ faction in the CWI split has alleged that the majority faction (including our beloved Solidarity) would be wasting too much time on the likes of this identity-politics issue instead of trying to join trade unions?


WorldbyStorm - July 26, 2019

Have they made that case, seriously? There is a point that fewer people than might be expected on the left are union members, something I’d see as a problem


WorldbyStorm - July 26, 2019

On the proximate issue GB, wow that’s a minefield.


Joe - July 26, 2019

No, they haven’t made that case. I’m just stirring.

But I couldn’t fully read or understand that article. If that’s where identity politics ends up and people are wasting their time with it, I’ll stick to old-fashioned class politics, than you very much.
But then that story is so extreme and outlandish (it is, isn’t it?) that one shouldn’t throw out the baby with the bathwater – so I am allowing a little identity politics in the mix as long as it’s sensible. And I will be the one who decides what’s sensible.

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WorldbyStorm - July 27, 2019

Yeah, agreed it’s not either/or but also agree a politics without class is no politics at all even if it will of course encompass aspects of what some call Id politics


7. Paddy Healy - July 26, 2019

I am of course unconditionally in favour of united agitation and a united mass movemment against Government housing, health policies etc policies even with people like Sinn Féin and LABOUR who favour coalition in 26-county government with capitalist parties.
But the PBP calls for POLITICAL co-operation in elections also.
This is a different matter
There is not a single mention of the issues of 32-County Irish Unity , independence and sovereignty in the PBP call for left unity issued to-day-No mention of Brexit, hard borders or indeed of any issue affecting workers in the six counties
Has PBP retreated from its European Election position?
Paddy Healy People Before Profit Goes Republican-Comes out for a United Ireland http://www.gillianbrien.ie/brexit/
PBP Defends Irish Neutrality -Opposes PESCO
People Before Profit Goes Republican-Comes out for a United Ireland!!! Can SP Fronts- Solidarity and Cross Community Labour Alternative- Continue to Be Associated with Them In Dáil??-Paddy Healy
From Gillian Brien PBPA Candidate in Dublin Constituency
A hard border is totally unacceptable to the majority of the people of Ireland. It would be fundamentally anti-democratic and risks increasing sectarian tensions on the island. Only the dinosaurs of the Democratic Unionist Party would welcome it because they want to strengthen partition – even if it leads to economic losses.
• In such a crisis situation, it becomes imperative to unite as many people as possible behind a campaign of ‘people power’ to demand a border poll.
• In such a referendum, People Before Profit will argue that the end of partition is the only secure way to avoid a hard border.
• That is why we shall also push for a simultaneous referendum in the South to create a new People’s Constituent Assembly for a new united Ireland to replace the conservative and crony legacy of the Southern state.

Solidarity(26-counties) and Cross-Community Labour Alternative (6 counties)has denounced this PBP position as a total capitulation to Irish bourgeois nationalism
Has PBP capitulated to the Anti-republican Solidarity, its Dáil partners in response to the local elections debacle???

Call for Left Co-Operation From PBP
What is NOT in the PBP call is more important than what IS in it!!!


8. EWI - July 28, 2019

A very tragic end to a TCD history graduate (and fraudster):


She hasn’t been the first, and the common factor passed away himself this year.


yourcousin - July 28, 2019

That is a sad/tragic story all the way around.


9. Starkadder - July 28, 2019

Hee hee hee….a writer for the New Yorker gives a negative review to the show “Douglas” by Identity Politics Priestess Hannah Gadsby. And her supporters dismiss the review by saying stuff like:

People who don’t know what “patriarchy” and “marginalisation” mean are white hetero cis dudes who never had to deal with the pain that both contain.

If you don’t get Hannah Gadsby, you’re not part of her core audience. You can – shocker! -just use google if her references are over your head & hurt your lil white dudebro fee-fees.

The reviewer, Hilton Als, is an African-American gay man. His review is pretty good.



Daniel Rayner O'Connor - July 28, 2019

Prof is Back/ EG Bridges looks pretty white to me in his photo. Could it be, that, like Steve Martin in ‘The Jerk’, he was brought up black and doesn’t realise he’s not? Or did he get expensive bleaching treatment on his skin?


Starkadder - July 29, 2019

E.G. Bridges is actually a woman, but point taken.

And “The Jerk” is a great film.


10. GearóidGaillimh - July 29, 2019

Fascinating document posted on Twitter.

While attempts to recruit the Kerry footballer were rebuffed, it’s understood the Soviets managed to ‘turn’ a young Cavan sub called Jack “Adh Mór” Kelly with long-lasting consequences for the Irish left. https://twitter.com/marksugruek/status/1155230822334681088

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Joe - July 29, 2019

🙂 🙂

The outing of Ádh Mór was the CLR’s crowning glory. A full unauthorised biography must be in the works somewhere?

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WorldbyStorm - July 29, 2019

That is brilliant, that piece from twitter – not least the absolutely accurate portrayal of the men as handsome and brilliant orators.


11. Paddy Healy - July 29, 2019

Discussion-United Ireland Must Be Independent and Sovereign
Before 1921 Ireland Was United Within the UK. But it wasn’t INDEPENDENT!!!

Full Articles:https://wp.me/pKzXa-142

Could Ireland Become United within the EU after Brexit but not INDEPENDENT or SOVEREIGN? Note that Europe Will Soon have Its Own Army which Could enforce its wishes even on Members of the Proposed European Federation
I carry Here 2 relevant articles from SB Post April 1, 2018
1)Interview With Mary Lou McDonald, President of Sinn Féin
“There have been suggestions that instead of having one parliament in a future United Ireland, the Stormont Assembly would be left in place to run the North – while the Dáil would continue to have jurisdiction over the South.McDonald says that this is something she will not rule out ..
“No, we are entering the endgame where realpolitik will trump abstract symbolism. And the narrow interests of the DUP will be sold out faster than half-price iPods in the Argos sale.”


12. Paddy Healy - July 30, 2019

Huge Split in Committee For A Workers International (CWI) to Which Socialist Party (Ireland) is affiliated. The Socialist Party are the organisers of Solidarity (26-Counties) and Cross-Community Labour Alternative(6-counties)
Bureaucratic coup will not stop CWI majority from building a strong revolutionary socialist international! JULY 26, 2019 Full Statement https://wp.me/pKzXa-1fv
A minority of the CWI has bureaucratically forced through an unfortunate and damaging split in the worlds largest and most influential revolutionary socialist organisation, the Committee for a Workers’ International.They attacked our sections in Ireland and the USA, which successfully led mass struggles of workers, women and youth, achieving victories while raising the banner of revolutionary socialism in a principled and flexible manner, for “capitulating to petit bourgeois identity politics”.
In addition, in England & Wales, over 100 members, representing a majority of activists in over a dozen key cities, have been expelled from the Socialist Party for supporting the majority of the CWI, and have been forced to begin the rebuilding of the CWI’s forces there. An SP special congress on 21 July passed a resolution stating that supporters of the CWI would have to act outside the Socialist Party, and were told “goodbye and good ridddance” by the party leadership(Peter Taafe) from the platform.
From Chinese Section CWI https://chinaworker.info/en/2019/07/26/20933/…


13. Paddy Healy - July 30, 2019

Both Sides of CWI Split Claim to be the original CWI-Statements by Both Sides here https://wp.me/pKzXa-1fv
Statement by Socialist Party of England and Wales on Split in Committee for a Workers International(CWI): CWI Re-Founded with determination and confidence
Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary
“This opposition has taken a right-ward opportunist turn, buckled to the pressures of identity politics, turned away from conducting a systematic and consistent struggle in the trade unions and blunted the socialist programme that the CWI and its sections have fought to defend”.- (this criticism of the other side of the split is expanded further down in this article-the “opposition” includes the Irish section-PH)
On Sunday 21 July over 200 delegates at a special conference of the Socialist Party in England and Wales voted overwhelmingly, 84% to 16% (173 – 35 with 0 abstentions) to sponsor an international conference to reconstitute the Committee for a Workers’ International (CWI – the international organisation of which the Socialist Party is part).


14. Paddy Healy - July 30, 2019

No Statement Yet on CWI Split from Socialist Party (Ireland)

Socialist Party of England and Wales claims that Irish delegates attended it’s refounding of CWI
Chinese section claims that Stephen Boyd sits on leadership of their side of split.


15. Paddy Healy - July 30, 2019

Socialist Party Scotland (affiliate of CWI) has published Statement of Socialist Party of England and Wales on the international split. This probably means that the Scottish Section is taking the side of SP England and Wales.
Will SP(I) be the only section in these islands on the other side of the split? No statement yet from SP(I) on split!!!


pettyburgess - July 30, 2019

It says in those documents you posted yourself, Paddy, that there is a section of the Irish SP’s version of the CWI in England and Wales. It consists of the minority of the SP over there that was just expelled (or “placed themselves outside the organisation” or whatever euphemism you prefer).


Joe - July 30, 2019

Yep, presumably there’ll be a split of sorts in every country. It appears that the majority in most places will be in the other camp from the majority in the SPEW (England and Wales). Will be interesting to see if many from Republic of Ireland go with the SPEW majority faction. And interesting to see what way the split will go in the Northern Ireland section, whatever that’s called.
It’s kinda troubling that I find this stuff interesting, though!


Pasionario - July 31, 2019

Yup, real leftie anorak territory at this stage. What do any of them expect to achieve with all this? It’s a shame that the Irish SP, whatever its flaws, actually seemed to making some decent progress for a while there (prompting a bit of envy from the completely marginal SPEW perhaps?). I can’t see that lasting now.

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WorldbyStorm - July 31, 2019

Agreed, I thought that too, that the SP here due to actually having TDs, etc, etc might have been the cause of envy. No one wins out of this stuff. The left least of all.


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