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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Billy Bragg July 27, 2019

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Am off to see Billy Bragg for three nights in Whelan’s next week as he does his “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back tour” in Dublin. A 50th birthday present to myself. He’s one of those constants in my musical taste and I have a host of LPs, Singles and 12 inches. What he is doing is a really good idea , Monday he will play his current set, Tuesday material from his first three albums (and I presume The “Between The Wars” EP) and on Wednesday material from his fourth, fifth and sixth albums. So for the likes of myself it’s a once off three nights of heaven! … although what state I’ll be in after three late nights jumping around a bit!! Whelan’s is a lovely venue for it too.
I presume too for a touring artist it’s nice to have time to actually stay in a place for a few days and go off and explore, meet up with friends and so on rather than going somewhere and literally just going from the airport to the hotel, to the venue, post gig hostelry, hotel and back off to the airport again.
For someone with such a back catalogue there will always be fan favourites missing from sets so hopefully I’ll get to hear my favourites. Whats nice too is that after much negotiations over who will use the second 3 day ticket, on Monday my wife will go and on Tuesday and Wednesday my son will go along. Since the record player was resurrected in his room last year my son has had various Bragg albums playing away on the turntable. Having seen Billy Bragg live umpteen times (including the night Thatcher resigned!) it’s great that my son will get to see him now too.
It’s probably Tuesday that I’m looking forward to most, “Lifes a Riot with spy versus spy” (I’ve previously done a TWIBMLT for that album) ,“Brewing Up With Billy Bragg” and “Talking with the taxman about poetry” are all really excellent albums.
The Wednesday will feature “William Bloke”, “Workers Playtime” , “Don’t try this at home”. Judging from Reviews (a review of the Bristol leg of the tour) there will be plenty of other material thrown in over the three nights and you’ll have the usual bit of humour, politics and song.
Can’t Wait.


1. alanmyler - July 27, 2019

Fantastic IEL, enjoy. I’m a big fan, don’t know how I missed those gigs coming up, but we’re away in Co Cork next week anyhow. Those early albums are his best IMHO. Workers Playtime being the high point of his career, from start to finish it’s just brilliant.


irishelectionliterature - July 27, 2019

Yeah, very much looking forward to it.

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2. Joe - July 27, 2019

Strange things happen
When you’re not around
Our love is so strong
That it moves objects in my room

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