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A learning experience… July 29, 2019

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Mentioned it before but reading this from EUReferendum.com it struck me how much I’ve learned about what was esoterica a mere three or four years ago. BIP’s, SPS goods, DPE’s, and I’ve learned to be aware when those are referenced correctly or incorrectly, at least much of the time. Needless to say the piece makes mincemeat of the self-avowed Alternative Arrangements Commission proposals. But then I suspect most who are now aware of the shape of the problems facing this island and that to the east are pretty well versed in what won’t work.

And yet, and I know feelings are mixed on EUReferendum.com, the point is made in the piece that representatives of the report and those like it continue to state as fact stuff which is fundamentally incorrect. Four years on and there is outright lying about the issues and the supposed solutions. And let’s keep in mind that a whole layer of commentators in the medias, both in the UK and on this island, take their cues from this – at its kindest, misinformed nonsense regurgitating evasions and half-truths and misconceptions as if they are fact and/or the basis for forward progress.

That is a deeply political dynamic.


1. irishmarxism - July 29, 2019

The eureferendum.com site is a very useful source of information and is scathing of both the leading Brexiteers and the mass media, which the author despises. And all from a supporter of Brexit himself! It’s only when you read his own alternative beyond the initial EEA/EFTA option that you realise that at bottom he has similar illusions in the potential power of Britain as the much more deluded Johnsons and Farages. I also think he misjudges the appetite for a no deal among many Tories, but we’ll see about that soon enough. Definitely recommended.


WorldbyStorm - July 29, 2019

Agree completely, he certainly harbours a fair few delusions too. And there are other aspects re climate change that are not at all positive in the slightest. But… his analysis has its uses.


2. FergusD - July 30, 2019

Yep, Richard North, who writes EUreferendum.com, has extensive, detailed knowledge of all the issues involved in Brexit. He regularly castigates the ultras and ‘the oaf’ Johnson from a very know.edgeable position on everything from food to aviation. If he doesn’t know he studies the documents before he opines, unlike almost all the politicos. So much so that North’s own pro Brexit, albeit soft EEA/EFTA position seems weird, so I found some old stuff by him about it, when he was an early member of UKIP no less. His argument that the U.K. would benefit out of the U.K. doesn’t seem to me to have a clear rationale at all, it still depends on better trade deals that somehow the U.K. will be able to make with third countries. He doesn’t explain how.

North was a food inspector and from what I gather objected to the EU decision to mandate vets to meat inspection at abattoirs, rather than the UK practice of specialist meat inspectors. So the. Eat inspectors had to go and the UK had to import lots of vets from Spain etc apparently. This may have even triggered North’s anti EU position. From various blog entries it seems he also has a conservative, national-patriotic general outlook, although not the far right views of many Brexiteers and certainly not the rank opportunism of Johnson.

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