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Brexit Britain: A steal… July 30, 2019

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A small snippet in the Observer business leader at the weekend caught my attention. It noted that sterling has ‘fallen by about 17% against the dollar since the referendum’ and this has the effect of making UK companies a relative steal for buyers in the US. Moreover the ‘light touch’ approach of the UK government means that unlike other European states – who, whatever the nonsense put about by Lexiteers tend to practise a starkly more interventionist approach in such matters – there is unlikely to be either political involvement in stymieing such take-overs.

Which leads to this thought provoking couple of paragraphs:

If the pound collapses after a no-deal Brexit, UK firms will become even cheaper for buyers should they have the stomach for it.
A buyout frenzy would raise questions for the new government. Will it seek favour with the US and preside over anything-goes capitalism? Or does it come under pressure to live up to its nationalist rhetoric and intervene?

And so another contradiction of Brexit comes to the fore.


1. Roger Cole - July 30, 2019

What a stupid question. The “nationalist” stuff from the Tories wiil not effect in any way whatsoever their continuing neo-liberal poiicies of selling off the remaining state assets including the NHS.


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