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Tory Britain… July 30, 2019

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More than 4 million people in the UK are trapped in deep poverty, meaning their income is at least 50% below the official breadline, locking them into a weekly struggle to afford the most basic living essentials, an independent study has shown.

And yet, as noted on a BBC Analysis podcast only last week, British politics is entirely clogged up with Brexit.

And not just the BBC are offering that particularly observation. For example:

The Institute for Government (IfG) warned there is “no such thing as a managed no deal” and the hard Brexiters predictions of a “clean break” from the EU will not materialise.


“Deal or no deal prime ministers need time, capacity and political capital to spend on their priorities,” the authors say, warning how a Brexit crisis could swamp efforts.
“Brexit is likely to preoccupy the work of the civil service for years to come. There will be at least 16,000 officials working on it by the autumn, and that number could still increase,” it says.
“Delivering a no-deal Brexit would leave the prime minister with little space for an ambitious domestic agenda.

It is as if Britain has decided to swap all other political activity for one single issue. But that’s not how the material world functions. There is no either/or. Those other issues will continue to be poorly or unaddressed.


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