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What you want to say – 31 July 2019 July 31, 2019

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. Paddy Healy - July 31, 2019

WBS is right when he said: “No one wins out of this stuff. The left least of all.” when commenting on the split in CWI. The left is in a very bad state not only in Ireland but world wide. Social democracy, including trade union leaderships, through its capitulation to free market capitalism has opened the way to the rise of the hard right . Though opposed by Brendan Howlin , Brendan Halligan, former Labour Party GS, wants to merge social democratic parties with a wing of Christian democrats as the antidote to the growth of the far right. Almost a million people who voted previously for the French Communist party have voted for Marine Le Pen in a recent election. There are now many kinds of Communist Party world wide, from the wildly ultra-left to the near social democratic and all shades in between. The break-up of the Trotskyist Fourth international after the second world war has if anything got worse. The CWI split is just the latest episode.
There are very genuine people in social democratic parties, communist parties, Trotskyist groups, national liberation movements etc. But all are disunited as the far right grows. Remember that the German Communist Party and the Social Democrats failed to unite against Hitler. Hitler did not have nuclear weapons. Trump and Johnson have nuclear weapons.
WE need a serious initiative in the direction of left unity of trade unionsts and socialists. I would welcome constructive suggestions.


2. Starkadder - July 31, 2019

It’s official: Ronald Reagan was racist against black people. Check out this appalling remark Reagan made to Richard Nixon about black African diplomats:



yourcousin - July 31, 2019

I would have thought that was official when his policies were examined. But this isn’t exactly a good look either.


3. Paddy Healy - July 31, 2019

Cén fáth a bhfuilimid in Mali? Irish Times
By Alan Titley Emeritus Professor of Modern Irish, University College Cork
(I have translated some key sentences into English-Paddy Healy) Full Article https://wp.me/pKzXa-Ut
Ar chúis aisteach éigin, ní mheasaim gur baol dúinn Mali
(Why are we in Mali? For some funny reason, I do not think we are in danger from Mali)
Ní dár gcúram a bheith sáite i gcogadh cathardha stáit bhréagaigh a chruthaigh na Francaigh ar mhaithe leo féin.
(It is not our responsibility to be stuck in the civil war of an artificial state created by the French for their own benefit)


4. Paddy Healy - July 31, 2019

BBC:Harland and Wolff workers took part in a protest in English AND IRISH at Stormont as Boris Johnson arrived.
Workers are calling for the shipyard to be renationalised after its parent company ran into severe financial problems.
There were also protests from other groups over the Irish language, Brexit and legacy.
Shipyard protestors joined with An Dream Dearg for a bi-lingual demonstration.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - July 31, 2019

That should be under Signs of Hope, Paddy.

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5. Paddy Healy - August 3, 2019

Siptu is calling on Minister of Finance Paschal Donohoe to set out a code of conduct with the banks to provide for emergency bridging finance at reduced rates (to small and medium sized companies) and flexibility on debt redemptions for a defined period in order to save jobs and protect income.
Full Article In Irish Times here https://wp.me/sKzXa-brexit
“Larger companies may well have the benefit of an internal treasury, significant cash holdings or access to working capital from abroad. For smaller companies, that cushion will be largely non-existent. This is where the role played by the banks will be vital,” said Ms Sherlock.
“Safeguards can be worked out to prevent abuse but the overriding purpose must be to introduce a degree of flexibility for companies to survive the initial shock. That this support is provided at a reduced fee is very important – the prospect of our banking sector generating additional profits off the back of a crisis among importing and exporting businesses would be the ultimate irony,” SIPTU Head of Policy, Marie Sherlock said.


6. Paddy Healy - August 3, 2019

Lest We Forget! Prior to the Launch of The IRA Border Campaign 1956/7-
From Wikipedia: By 1955, splits were occurring in the IRA, as several small groups, impatient for action, launched their own attacks in Northern Ireland. Liam Kelly(Pomeroy, Tyrone) founded a breakaway group Saor Uladh and in November 1955, attacked a Royal Ulster Constabulary barracks at Roslea in County Fermanagh… In August of the following year, Kelly and another IRA dissident, (“Gelignite”)Joe Christle(and his Dublin-based Group) , burned down some customs posts on the border. Wikipedia
Update: About Paddy Healy https://wp.me/PKzXa-2
Liam Daltún and Gerry Lawless were members of the Christle Group. These two were later founders of the Irish Workers Group in London which I(Paddy Healy) joined in the early sixties.Initially the Irish Militant published by IWG was sold only in London and Clonmel!!
We campaigned in Support of the Strike Movement, unofficial and official, in Ireland, supported Civil Rights Demonstrations North And South and the Black Liberation Movement in the USA and South Africa.
Very importantly, we campaigned against the winding down of the IRA by Cathal Goulding and Roy Johnson. These were influenced by “The Peaceful Road to Socialism” promoted by the Stalinist Bureaucracy in the Soviet Union and “The British Road to Socialism” promoted by the British Communist Party and The Connolly Association (Britain)
Unfortunately, we were vindicated when Nationalist Communities, including the Bogside in Derry and The Falls Road in Belfast and other areas, were left vulnerable to murderous pogroms by the B-Specials and Loyalist Mobs in response to the peaceful Civil Rights Movement.


7. Paddy Healy - August 4, 2019

New Regulations for AirBnB Lettings Are Designed to Be Unenforceable!!! Government is Pretending To Favour long term Housing-so it will spend millions pretending to enforce the regulations!!!
Why did the government turn down a common-sense enforcement system for short-term letting and replace it with an inferior one?-Michael Brennan S. Business Post Aug 4.
Sometimes in politics, a government wants to be seen to be ‘doing something’ – without actually achieving anything.
The new short-term letting regulations seem like a case in point. The officials in the working group acknowledged that home-sharing provided homeowners with extra income to pay their mortgages and boosted the tourism sector. But they also said it could encourage landlords to stop renting properties or encourage investors to buy homes for short-term letting.

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8. kestrel - August 4, 2019

there was some quick quip on m.finucane today, to the effect of, ‘so many solicitors and barristers are Fianna fail’.
Are they? As this is what I have encountered; although I cannot be sure.
Does anyone know?
This is such bad, stitch-up, situation if it is so; and especially in the instant communication of the present time. I believe it is so.
That solicitors approach a case, firstly keeping in mind their party/gang friends, who want no culpability or damage; and secondly deliberately pay no attention to there being any otherwise argument.
I firmly believe Fianna Fail have vehemently, and overwhelmingly? infiltrated the justice system (to their own members profit and benefit) and can now ensure no cases that impinge on ……. themselves.


9. Paddy Healy - August 5, 2019

Housing Minister Murphy pushed Airbnb crackdown on Tourism Minister Ross – who is being blamed for ‘softer regulation’ of AIRBnB
Hugh O’Connell, Irish Examiner, August 5 2019 https://wp.me/pKzXa-1ey
An internal row between the Departments of Housing and Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) has resurfaced after it was reported yesterday the Government ignored a plan drawn up by officials to ban short-term letting platforms such as AirBnB if they failed to abide by strict new rules.


10. Paddy Healy - August 5, 2019

BREXIT Supporting DUP Westminster MP BLAMES EU RULES For Failure Of Boris Johnson to Rescue Harland and Wolff !!!!
BUT British Government has a majority of only 1 Vote in the House of Commons, so Gavin Robinson MP Holds the Balance of Power HIMSELF!!
Workers have vowed to continue their occupation of the shipyard.
Mr Robinson joined shipyard workers at the site today. He said: “We share the disappointment that they have that there has not been a resolution and rescue package that we had advocated for and that we had hoped for.”
He said rescue efforts floundered because of EU rules surrounding state aid, due to the lack of time available and the inability of a non-profitable company to accept a loan.
Administrators appointed to Harland and Wolff shipyard in Belfast RTE Monday, 5 Aug 2019


11. Alibaba - August 6, 2019

Fintan O’Toole is seriously miffed that ‘Sinn Féin reacted with such extreme and immediate hostility to my suggestion that it could stop a no-deal Brexit by destroying Boris Johnson’s majority in the House of Commons. … Instead, the party rejected it as “mindbogglingly ridiculous” within two hours of the article going online.’


All because Sinn Féin didn’t genuflect when Fintan blessed them with the holy water of his erudition, albeit in a well-intentioned way. What kind of fuzzy reasoning would make him think SF would dump their mandate of abstentionism and in such a counter-productive way during the Brexit crisis? The answer is simple and direct. The biggest obstacle to achieving his desired outcome is that Fintan represents nobody but himself.

By the way, I’m in the middle of reading his excellent book Heroic Failure : Brexit and the Politics of Pain. It contains insightful and original observations aplenty, and it’s so well worth the read.

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12. Paddy Healy - August 6, 2019

Britain ‘could triple state aid for industry under EU rules’-The Guardian   today https://wp.me/pKzXa-tz


France nationalises strategic shipyard to thwart Italian ownership –The Guardian  today

BUT BREXIT Supporting DUP Westminster MP BLAMES EU RULES For Failure Of Boris Johnson to Rescue Harland and Wolff !!!!

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13. Paddy Healy - August 6, 2019

Thanks Rayner. But It was James Monaghan who first published the links to the Guardian articles. The people who used to meet in your Hume St apartment in the sixties are still above ground!!!!


14. Paddy Healy - August 6, 2019

Cervical Check Scandal: Read My Full Analysis of Shocking Savagery By 3 Successive Governments https://wp.me/pKzXa-1ey
No Apology by Minister Harris to 4080 Women (more than the 800 victims previously admitted) He Says he didn’t know because nobody told him !! Note Points 3,3a and 4 of the General Scheme for Evading Political Responsibility for Anything at the link
Report Of Professor McGrath Recommends Reversal of Outsourcing Of Cervical Testing By Mary Harney Of The Progressive Democrats(2008) Which Has Been Continued by Successive Governments including the Labour-Fine Gael Government(2011-2016) and the Present FG/Independent Alliance Government (this vindicates the positions I have long advocated here
Recommendation 7 :The HSE, with the support of Government, needs to accelerate progress towards the establishment of a National Laboratory for Cervical Testing, encompassing state-of-the-art informatics, analytics and sample/result tracking. This will remove Ireland’s current high risk dependence on a single outsourced supplier.
The HSE has Apologised to 4080 women. But there is no Apology from the Minister Harris. He Says he didn’t know because nobody told him !! Note Point 3 of My Scheme for Evading Political Responsuibility
Lab was added by HSE to CervicalCheck programme without “due diligence and risk assessment”-Prof MacCraith
Fergal Bowers,RTE News Tuesday, 6 Aug 2019


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