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The world exists beyond what I’m interested in… August 11, 2019

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Lory Gil on the MacBreak Weekly podcast a few weeks back had a fantastic point to make when while discussing curated news feeds, like those provided by Google and Apple questioned the manner in which those can as it were channel what information one receives. And she wondered about the question is what one receives through them received because this is important news or information or merely what those curating them think is news or information that she will want. And she argued that the Google bubble (and insert the name of whatever corporation or organisation because any or all will function equally well in the context of this discussion) is very limiting.

Or as she put it ‘The world exists beyond what I’m interested in… ‘ and the serendipitous stumbling across new and intriguing if unasked for information is lost in a dynamic where information is available almost at will.


1. alanmyler - August 11, 2019

Witness the relatively huge fallout of the Joe Rogan interview with Bernie Sanders and the surprise that many viewers expressed that Sanders was speaking a lot of sense, sense that they hadn’t come across before in their curated Right bubble.

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2. Steve - August 11, 2019

I’m surprised you’ve not come across the idea before – this is pretty much Eli Pariser’s ‘Filter Bubble’ concept, which is almost a decade old. Of course, the fact that an idea can be old hat to some but completely novel to others is a poster child for the very concept itself …

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WorldbyStorm - August 11, 2019

It’s more the way she puts it that I like – of course the idea of people being curated (or self-curated) isn’t novel – indeed Neil Postman back in the mid-1980s showed up the limitations and constraints of television (I wonder what he’d make of the current situation) . But I like the idea that ones own lines of interest aren’t sufficient. Another real world example is Netflix, which curates too and directs users along certain lines sometimes fairly directly.


3. alanmyler - August 11, 2019

About curation, it has to be said that it’s handy all the same. I recently moved from using Google to DuckDuckGo as my search engine. After using the former for years I was completely used to its finely tuned performance, so using the latter was like stepping back a couple of decades to really quite underwhelming results. The difference being that DuckDuckGo doesn’t keep your data and build up a profile of you, so there’s no curation effect. Swings and roundabouts. I also reverted to Firefox away from Chrome. All of this in a fairly belated attempt to get away from the behavioural capture dynamic of big data blah blah.


WorldbyStorm - August 11, 2019

Yeah, it’s a pain without question. I sort of slip between DuckDuckGo and Google. I stepped back to Yahoo and found it quite frustrating.


tafkaGW - August 12, 2019

Good man.

Remember Gargle and Krapple ‘curate’ your feeds to maximise their profits. Nothing else matters to them.

Hardly any wonder that they deliver such a narrow spectrum.

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