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Intolerant leftists? August 12, 2019

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Thought this funny, the response from the US based and very conservative Young America’s Foundation to criticisms by the President of ‘Young’ FG at their conference in the US.

In a statement the Young America’s Foundation (YAF) , which hosted the conference, said that “the intolerance of the left clearly knows no borders”.
“The fact that members of European Parliament or leaders from Ireland would attack a group of students for striving to broaden their intellectual horizons and learn from some of America’s leading decision-makers is pathetic,” said the foundation’s spokesman Spencer Brown.
“These students, and all those who took time out of their summer to learn and engage in a true, free and open exchange of ideas, ought to be applauded, not demonised or threatened. Furthermore, the attempts by Irish media to sling baseless accusations and politicise a tragedy in the United States is disgusting.”

And who were these leftists complaining at this participation? Step forward FG TD Noel Rock, step forward too MEP Maria Walsh of…er… FG, who seeks the resignation of those who attended.

Later reports suggest this has precipitated a division between a significant number of the more ‘liberal’ YFGers and the rather less so.


1. alanmyler - August 12, 2019

Lol, might be a market opportunity to flog these at FG meetings around the country!


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2. EWI - August 12, 2019

broaden their intellectual horizons

So, suckling at the teat of fascism and white nationalism (not to mention the largesse of sociopathic billionaires) is now ‘broadening’, I see.

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