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One message for us, another for them… August 13, 2019

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Roy Greenslade offers an insight into just how vitriolic UK press and commentator opinion is towards this island and to Varadkar. But perhaps the most telling anecdote is the following:

Several papers sought to represent Tuesday’s phone conversation between Johnson and Varadkar as a “clash”, although all the evidence from both sides suggests both men, without rancour, simply restated their opposing views on the backstop. Over a photo of Johnson clutching a chicken during his visit to a Welsh poultry farm, the Sun carried the headline: “For cluck’s sake, Leo, give us an eggsit.”
Seen in the context of the paper’s previous attacks on Varadkar, the thinly veiled message of the childish pun was that it is not only open season on Ireland’s prime minister but, perhaps, on Ireland itself.
Needless to say, the Irish edition of the Sun was altogether more sympathetic towards the taoiseach, featuring a picture of Varadkar with a bubble caption aimed at Johnson and containing a very different pun: “Stop choking the chicken and let’s do a deal already.”

The Phoenix offered another example, quoting the Mail’s two faces. In the UK Mail there was Richard Littlejohn writing about matters in the following way:

I’m also led to believe that Steve Barclay, who is staying on as Brexit Secretary, has been to Dublin and read the riot act to pipsqueak Irish Prime Minister Lenny Verruca, reminding him on which side of his bread he’ll find the Kerrygold. As a consequence, Verruca is coming under serious pressure at home to stop playing silly beggars on the so-called backstop.

I’m no fan of the Taoiseach or Fine Gael but that’s not a political analysis offered by Littlejohn – it’s simple abuse.

Meanwhile in the Irish ‘edition’ as the Phoenix noted had the somewhat different line that ‘Battling Borris won’t divide us, Barnier wants the Brexiteers…EU leaders back Varadkar against ‘combative’ Johnson’.

It also notes the Sunday Times has two rather different approaches too – arguing in London that ‘Dublin, Paris, Berlin and Brussels’ [response] that there can be no change to the withdrawal agreement and the the Irish backstop is sacrosanct looks churlish’ as against the Withdrawal Agreement being ‘the best deal for all affected parties’ in Dublin.


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