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Second, or is it third, time around? August 15, 2019

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One of the real oddities of the Social Democrats is the fact that we have a history of a small left of Labour Party at hand to consider how well such formations fare politically in this state. Sure, the 1990s are now as distant a memory to those in their 20s as the 1960s were to those of us who started being politically active in the 1980s. And soon they’ll be even more distant! But the point remains, Democratic Left found that space remarkably unforgiving, albeit individual TDs were able to consolidate their political base locally. And worse there’s the point that the direction of travel, for at least some, was one that led towards the Labour Party.

As noted previously, I was rereading Kevin Rafter’s book on DL recently – and while it has some problematic analyses it does provide a picture of the party and its development. So I’m unconvinced that that was the inevitable destination for DL – merger with the LP. But, for a smaller party with fewer representatives one has to wonder.

And there’s a further thought. Functionally and in terms of policy platform the SDs appear further to the right than DL, albeit to the left of the LP. Part of this, one has to suspect, is the influence of their one time third TD.

A lot depends upon where the LP is after the next election. If it is reduced significantly from its current perilous state then a loose alliance might well take shape (the GP is a factor too but they cleave to a different ideological path and like it or not that has given them a coherence that is noticeably lacking in regard to its soft left competitors).


1. Gearóid Clár - August 15, 2019

Would you recommend Rafter’s book?


WorldbyStorm - August 15, 2019

Ish. Recommend ish. It’s not great imho – no discussion of intl or union links and far too focused on the TDs rather than membership – but it’s all we have so there’s no real alternative


Gearóid Clár - August 16, 2019

Thanks, WBS. I felt the same about his Sinn Féin book, although he did have to cover a far greater time period for that one.


Gearóid Clár - August 16, 2019

Thanks, WBS. I felt similar about his Sinn Féin, although in fairness, he had to cover a far greater time period in that one.


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