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Troubles ‘tourism’? August 18, 2019

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This is entertaining, sort of. In the Guardian Rachel Hall writes from Derry about murals – and the headline argues they have a ‘new’ status as tourist attractions. This will, of course, come as news to many who have seen that status accorded to them for many years (though whoever wrote the subhead didn’t bother reading the piece since it is mentioned it ‘took off in the early 2000s).
But the piece itself is a curious mixture. For example:

There are also new political messages near the Bogside murals proper: recruitment posters for the Irish Republican Socialist Party, which believes a united Ireland can only be achieved through armed action; another poster glorying the Irish Republican Army terrorist group as “the people’s army”; and fresh graffiti expressing disillusion with Sinn Fein, the nationalist political party, for “turning rebellion into money”.


Unlike murals painted by the IRA or paramilitary groups, the Bogside murals are not affiliated to any political group. Nevertheless, they have been politicised by becoming a “focal point for protest”, says Sara McDowell, a lecturer at Ulster University.

Oh, that IRA?

What’s fascinating is how implicitly finger wagging the piece is. For example the assertion is raised and never satisfactorily supported that murals (although the Bogside murals are non-party political) somehow impact negatively on the communities within which they are placed. This may be true but some evidence would be useful. Likewise with the idea that they ‘entrench difference in an already deeply divided society’. I’d tend to the view, but am open to correction, that such murals are the symptom of division rather than a cause. And that murals aren’t all of a piece either. The content and the form needs examining. For example a youth worker from the Fountain complains about the council floodlighting some Bogside murals, but no mention is made in the text (although there is a photograph and caption) of Loyalist murals which are paramilitary affiliated.


1. oliverbohs - August 18, 2019

Ever since I saw somewhere (actually Ed Moloney’s blog) that Guardian reps meet regularly with British intelligence reps to oversee Guardian reporting and ensure no future Edward Snowdon types try any leaking to that news site, any foreign affairs stuff from them must come with a pinch of salt. And make no mistake, Derry would be foreign to any British MSM

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