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Interview with Senator Catherine Noone… August 19, 2019

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…in the Mirror, conducted by Jason O’Toole. Was away for weekend and only just seen this. It’s certainly an insight into FG thinking, not least on a more recent series of events concerning a TD, but one paragraph caught my eye immediately.

Senator Catherine Noone was left shaken when an angry constituent blasted her for chairing the Oireachtas Committee that recommended the Eighth Amendment should be repealed.

In an exclusive interview with the Irish Mirror, Ms Noone said: “I was outside with
a friend one sunny evening and a man approached me and started giving out to me. It was a bit abusive. I was a little shocked and my friend was upset by it.

“It shouldn’t happen. I’m a civilian when I’m not working. I give a lot of my life to public service so when I’m with a friend socialising you don’t except people to start giving you abuse. But I have to emphasise the positive here – for every one incident like that I’d say there could be 20 where people have said, ‘Keep up the good work’. I get so much positive feedback from people.”

What are the boundaries in regard to elected representatives and interactions with citizens in those instances?


1. oliverbohs - August 19, 2019

But what does she want?
I wd agree that flinging witless personal abuse at public representatives in those situations is not big or clever. Nor is it constructive. But in certain cases it is understandable. FG after all didn’t get where they are today by giving a flying one about half the population. One senses a certain level of entitlement from Ms Noone. Praise only please.
That there are those out there who refuse to accept the result of last year’s referendum is not a shock, given how the no side conducted their campaign. Do people approach her with equivalent levels of anger over FG’s slavish devotion to capitalist realism? She does not say.
I’d say though that female politicians are a easier target for this kind of thing. That isn’t right. Just as it isn’t right that FG and FF politicians presume to speak for everyone that matters and only muster indifference for the rest

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2. Joe - August 19, 2019

She says she’s a civilian when she’s not working. And that it’s out of order for someone to have a go at her (criticise her) when she’s out socialising. But then she implies that she’s okay with people praising her in similar situations.
Rightly or wrongly, I think Irish political culture is that councillors and TDs can be approached and spoken to about politics pretty much at any time. I’d be surprised at any politico who doesn’t understand that that’s the way it is. It’s probably a reason why many people wouldn’t want to be an elected rep. It’s probably unhealthy but that’s the way it is.

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oliverbohs - August 19, 2019

She’s only a senator, moreover, a breed that looked endangered a few years back but came out the right side of a referendum. Which FG lost, proposing as they had been the abolition of the Seanad.

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3. Logan - August 19, 2019

Obviously no one should ever be given any “personal” abuse , but like Joe I have witnesssed Councillors and TD’s get harangued about their failures in getting the potholes filled and delays in water treatment projects while at social functions and funerals, some of which they actually had a genuine reason to be at (I come from a rural background).
Only criticism I have ever heard was one person giving out to somebody for raising their voice in a church, but the complainer was quick to add that they had no problem with the aggrieved constituent giving the Cllr in question “Sally come home with the salt” once they were outside at the church gates.


4. Logan - August 19, 2019

“Sally come home with the salt” is a rather obscure Irish Midlands expression meaning a right tongue lashing, in case you are wondering…


Joe - August 20, 2019

“Sally come home with the salt”. Excellent, Logan. Never heard it before. Examples of other obscure midlands expressions always welcome


Joe - August 20, 2019

Hmmm, Logan. I ran that “Sally come home with the salt” by a midlander of my acquaintance and he never heard of it. A man with a lot of life experience across several midland counties. Whereabouts in the midlands would one be most likely to hear it?


5. Jim Monaghan - August 20, 2019

” I’m a civilian when I’m not working. I give a lot of my life to public service so when I’m with a friend socialising you don’t except people to start giving you abuse.”. I agree with this. I am very wary of picketting people’s homes and abusing them in front of thier children etc. Picket clinics etc.


6. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - August 20, 2019

I’m not so sure of this Jim.. As an humble spear carrier of the left without any power to influence votes directly, I have had to suffer the tongue lash of strangers on occasion. (I seem to recall, you have, too, Jim) It goes with the territory, alas. As long as our heads are not bashed-in or Ice axed, we have to accept it.


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