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What you want to say – 21 August 2019 August 21, 2019

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As always, following on Dr. X’s suggestion, it’s all yours, “announcements, general discussion, whatever you choose”, feel free.


1. tafkaGW - August 21, 2019

The neo-Nazi who allegedly assassinated the CDU politician Lübcke because of his support of migrants and his alleged helpers possessed an arsenal of 46 guns, including an Uzi. There are estimated to be 20,000 violent neo-Nazis, identarians, Reichbürger etc. in Germany, some of them evidently armed to the teeth.

Meanwhile on a lighter note, the people who built a swastika-shaped ride in the Black forest are having to redesign it (because it’s illegal to publicly display such a symbol here).

It was probably a design mistake. Probably. You can judge for yourselves from the picture here: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/panorama/hakenkreuz-karussell-freizeitpark-adlerflug-1.4570063


2. Joe - August 21, 2019

Putting this here instead of on the Bleak thread (great thread title btw).

A lot of speculation of what will be the economic impact of Brexit in and on the UK – queues at ports, shortages in shops and so on.
What will be the impact in the RoI? How hard will we be hit? We’re the EU member who will be hardest hit. Presumably, in time-honoured tradition, our top notch government and diplomats will be in Brussels with the poorest of poor mouths.


tafkaGW - August 21, 2019

The RoI will definitely be hit worst, Joe, but I think it will vary depending which part of the country you’re in. The rural parts (especially dead or alive cow production) will be badly hit because of the size of the UK export market for them. But that shouldn’t worry a Dublin-focused government terribly.

Also one half of the freight containers to and from the RoI go through dUK. So there could be shortages of some things and physical supply chains will be disrupted in physical manufacturing. I don’t think there is sufficient ferry capacity bypassing the dUK to address, this but I’d be happy to shown to be wrong.

But the RoI is much less entangled with dUK economically than it was 50 years ago. 80%+ of RoI exports went to the UK then, now it’s down about 11%.

Now this figure is significantly distorted by the makey-uppey transnational profit reporting and the use of Ireland as a haven for corporate tax evasion.

Contrast that with the UK whose economy is 50%+ entangled with the rest of the EU.

That’s not to say, if they wanted, that a dUK government couldn’t make things more difficult for the RoI, both economically and on the border with the north. But in comparison with the dUK, the RoI should be less badly hit.

Especially if the poor mouth does a good job and gets some funding transfer from the EU.

And taxing the rich, high earners and the corporations could bring in plenty to invest in infrastructure (including that needed to be able to bypass the dUK) and essential services and thereby boost the domestic economy.

Oh sorry, I forgot, the RoI government comprises a crowd of neolib true believers, so that latter ain’t going to happen.


Joe - August 21, 2019

Thanks for that GW. Good overview.
Just thinking that the UK media and the UK government are giving the UK people some advance notice of the potential issues and difficulties post Brexit. But the RoI government and media not so much. Electorates are unforgiving and if things go more pear-shaped than people expect after Brexit the FG govt might pay for it later at the polls.


EWI - August 22, 2019

Electorates are unforgiving and if things go more pear-shaped than people expect after Brexit the FG govt might pay for it later at the polls.

I blame Leo, who is of course personally responsible for both English nationalism and Brexit.


Tomboktu - August 21, 2019

Not an economic analysis like tafkaGW;s but…
we’ll probably have shortages of washing powder, soap, some foods, and a rake of other at least for a while as the bulk of our supplies come from the UK. But, being in the EU, alternative supply chain can be put in place.

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3. Roger Cole - August 21, 2019

dlr Roger Casement Summer School / Festival in the dlr Lexicon
Friday 30th August- Sunday 1st of September For more details see:

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4. CL - August 21, 2019

“EU Commissioner Phil Hogan has launched a scathing attack on Boris Johnson, describing him as an “unelected” Prime Minister who is “gambling” with the peace process….
The Agriculture Commissioner’s comments are a sharp escalation in the EU’s criticism of Mr Johnson’s demand that the backstop be removed from the Brexit withdrawal agreement…
in the event of a no deal Brexit, the UK government’s only Churchilian legacy will be –‘never have so few done so much damage to so many’.”..
Mr Hogan said “gambling with peace and the Good Friday Agreement is not good politics”.


5. Dermot M O Connor - August 21, 2019

After the initial 10% BJ bounce fell to a 4% gap, this horror from Kantar, over Aug 15-19, so covers time period of Corbyn’s offer of GNU. 14 point tory lead.


Con 42%
Lab 28%
Lib 15%
Grn 3%
Brx 5%

So if accurate, tories have eaten BP with their no-deal shitshow.

Only upside if this translates to election result is that BJ & cronies will have to eat their own shit sandwich for 5 years.


Dermot M O Connor - August 21, 2019

ukpollingreport chatter on Kantar:


Kantar has changed the way it filters by past vote on the basis that they have found that too few people who voted Labour in 2017 admit to having done so.

Without this change the numbers would be Con 40, Lab 32. In terms of the margin between the two parties this is bang in line with You Gov.


WorldbyStorm - August 21, 2019

That’s beyond depressing. It does suggest that the LDs have eaten the LP vote too, at least to some extent.


Joe - August 21, 2019

Panic ye not. Remember the polling figures for JezLabour before the last election. Jez will prevail.


Dermot M O Connor - August 21, 2019

WBS, yeah, LDs are socialism for fools.

True Joe. And here’s the wildcard: if there is to be a hard Brexit, pray that the election is held off as long as possible after October. Let BJ & cronies eat the shit sandwich until well into 2020 BEFORE the GE.

Game is on to get back to the 2017 2-party setup…but those bastard LDs are making that hard now. Would hope that a GE would sharpen minds on tactical voting, etc.

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dermot - August 22, 2019

Curious. I see Kantar’s numbers have been tweaked; now it’s CON 40 LB 30.


tafkaGW - August 22, 2019
6. Paddy Healy - August 21, 2019

Trump’s Attempt to Buy Greenland for US is Part Of Preparation for Inter Imperialist War. Hitler didn’t Have Nuclear Weapons But Trump Has!!!
‘The Times’ (UK) carries the following editorial this August 21, 2019: ‘The Times’ view on Donald Trump’s big “real estate” proposal: Buying Greenland
President Trump’s bid for the Arctic territory is undiplomatic but it raises real issues .Conventional maps of the world understate the vastness of the Arctic region. It covers 8 per cent of the Earth’s surface and 15 per cent of its land mass. The territory of Greenland exceeds the whole of that of western Europe. It also includes huge reserves of minerals, including some of the largest deposits of rare-earth minerals, which are used in new (military) technologies .


7. Paddy Healy - August 21, 2019

Best Attended Commemoration of Sean Treacy For Many Years
TIPPFM-Thousands gather for Sean Treacy Commemoration
18th August 2019.Thousands of Tipperary hurling fans gathered on Talbot Street today to pay respects to local patron, Sean Treacy ahead of the All-Ireland Hurling final today at Croke Park.Former GAA President Aogán Ó Fearghail delivered the oration and Tipperary Historian Seamus Leahy read out the proclamation.Seamus has close family connections to the struggle for independence

Paddy Healy: There Was a good scatter of Kilkennys and people from other counties there also!! I met a few rebels I hadn’t met since Tipp Were last in the All-Ireland!!!
See Pic of Crowd on Paddy Healy Facebook page


8. Phil F - August 22, 2019

Review of Marisa McGlinchey’s excellent book on anti-GFA and left republicans: https://theirishrevolution.wordpress.com/2019/08/19/in-review-marisa-mcglincheys-unfinished-business/


yourcousin - August 22, 2019

Good review. I’m reading the book now.


Joe - August 22, 2019

Just read the review. It’s a load of boll***ks.


CL - August 23, 2019
9. tafkaGW - August 22, 2019

I’ve always argued that racism and xenophobia played a significant part in the Brexit vote.

Hardly any surprise that these have grown in what’s become Brexitannia. But it’s still depressing to read of teachers promoting it.


10. EWI - August 22, 2019

More vapid, ahistorical, liberal Catholic wish-fantasy nonsense about Daniel O’Connell:


Have RTÉ nothing better to do with the licence fee?


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - August 22, 2019

In this first part, there are significant gaps. We are given a long dissertation on how Dan refused to take the MP’s anti-Catholic oath, but nothing about the wheeler dealing that accompanied the Passing of Catholic Emancipation (including the disenfranchising of the freeholders). it reminds me of the penny dreadful: ‘With one bound, the Catholics were free.”


EWI - August 23, 2019

I see letter-writers to the IT dismissively poo-pooing any notion that O’Connell was anti-labour.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - August 23, 2019

What is significant is what he does not say, like O’C’s support for anti-union legislation and his refusal to back the People’s Charter. I wonder what O’Leary will make of those later years of her hero.

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Starkadder - August 24, 2019

“I am for speedy, immediate abolition. I care not what caste, creed, or colour, slavery may assume. I am for its total, its instant abolition. Whether it be personal or political, mental or corporal, intellectual or spiritual, I am for its immediate abolition. I enter into no compromise with slavery; I am for justice in the name of humanity and according to this law of the living God.”

That’s what O’Connell said in 1832. When it came to the greatest evil of his time, O’Connell stood against it-to the
extent that he won the admiration of William Lloyd Garrison
and Frederick Douglass, and the derision of the Irish-American bourgeoisie.

“Have RTÉ nothing better to do with the licence fee?”

Why shouldn’t RTE, TG4, etc., make documentaries about a wide variety of Irish historical figures? Nothing’s stopping you writing to Irish broadcasters and suggesting they make a documentary on (say) Ernie O’Malley or Frank Ryan.

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EWI - August 24, 2019

That’s what O’Connell said in 1832. When it came to the greatest evil of his time, O’Connell stood against it-to the
extent that he won the admiration of William Lloyd Garrison
and Frederick Douglass, and the derision of the Irish-American bourgeoisie.

He took up a safely anti-American cause. And documentaries are one thing, but RTÉ specialise in hagiography to please their masters of the hour.


WorldbyStorm - August 24, 2019

In fairness given the links to the US and the strong strand of racism in Irish Americans then and later it wasn’t a no risk policy for O’Connel given the need to have support from that quarter (there was an interesting East Wall History group symposium on Ireland and the Atlantic slave trade which noted that when Douglass came to Ireland there was a strain of racism directed at him from some here too who were ‘nationalist’ so that’s anther factor as well). He certainly was as Starkadder noted very much admired by Douglass et al. I’ve no particularly strong feelings on O’Connell one way or another, and certainly wouldn’t romanticise him a la some albeit I think he pushed the national project forwards incrementally, but in that area he did talk the talk.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - August 24, 2019

Yes Dan did stand against chattel slavery, and it will doubtless feature tremendously in next Thursday’s programme. And, yes, his position on this was qualitatively better than John Mitchel’s appalling ravings on the subject. It remains true that his stance was physically, if not financially safe; slavery was already illegal in the UK (I wouldn’t put it past Rees-Mogg to try to restore it) and, from 1834, in the empire. The pro-slavery lynch mobs that existed with impunity in the US would have been prosecuted on this side of the Atlantic.
It remains true, too, that his enlightenment did not go beyond a liberal capitalism that would prove totally inadequate for solving Ireland’s economic problems, or even keeping the island united and which involved maintaining the divine right of entrepreneurs to dictate their workers’ conditions. And, no, this was not just him being a creature of his time, there were those who saw beyond his position and he opposed them as much as he did the colonial regime.


CL - August 24, 2019

“as O’Connell grew in strength in the country, and attracted to himself more and more of the capitalist and professional classes in Ireland, and as he became more necessary to the schemes of the Whig politicians in England, and thought these latter more necessary to his success, he ceased to play for the favour of organised labour, and gradually developed into the most bitter and unscrupulous enemy of trade unionism Ireland has yet produced, signalising the trades of Dublin always out for his most venomous attack….
Such was the state of England – misery and revolt beneath, and sanguinary repression coupled with merciless greed above – at the time when O’Connell, taking his seat in Parliament, threw all his force on the side of capitalist privilege and against social reform….
O’Connell, felt himself to be much more akin to the propertied class of England than to the working class of Ireland….James Connolly


CL - August 24, 2019

“If O’Connell were really the man of the people, if he had sufficient courage and was not himself afraid of the people,i.e, if he were not a double-faced Whig, but an upright, consistent democrat, then the last English soldier would have left Ireland long since” Engels, letter to Marx,

“O’Connell let the peasants pay him as much as £230,000 a year for his agitation” Engels, letter to Eduard Bernstein.


11. roddy - August 22, 2019

YC,no matter what you read in that book,the story on the ground is very different.Those who make up these various groups have nothing to offer,are without any significant support and contain some out and out thugs.


WorldbyStorm - August 22, 2019

I’d wonder at the idea they’ve significant numbers. My sense is that even taken collectively they’re quite low level. One clear sense is that the links some have in the south would be by any measure deeply problematic and far from a left or socialist republican politics.


Joe - August 22, 2019

Fair play Roddy. Good to hear. Great to hear in fact.


yourcousin - August 23, 2019

So I’m confused.

By reading the book I’m somehow going to be whamboozled by dissidents?

By that logic I should never read,


Or even any books on the Provisionals until they were sanitized. Or maybe Unfinished Revolution would have made me into a Stalinist?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you two agree, but what exactly is the problem?

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Joe - August 23, 2019

There’s no problem yc. Read away. I fully trust you to read the book, knowing that Roddy speaks the truth when he says: Those who make up these various groups have nothing to offer,are without any significant support and contain some out and out thugs.


yourcousin - August 23, 2019

Ok dad. 😉


Joe - August 23, 2019


12. John - August 23, 2019

The biggest thugs are Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. They kill more people on with waiting lists than any paramilitary group.


13. Paddy Healy - August 23, 2019

A massive turn out on Talbot street to remember Tipperary hero Seán Treacy August 2019.
By Paul Rouse Associate Professor of History at UCD.
Irish Examiner, Thursday, August 22, 2019
Full Article and Photo https://wp.me/pKzXa-12n
It’s just after noon on the day of the All-Ireland hurling final. About one thousand Tipperary people are gathered on Talbot Street in Dublin. They fill the footpaths and the road, and the passage of buses has become impossible. There’s a microphone and a large amp set up on a stand.
Seamus Leahy, a GAA historian of distinction, steps up to the microphone and there is a deep silence in the crowd.


14. CL - August 23, 2019

“The Amazon, known as “the planet’s lungs,” produces 20 percent of Earth’s oxygen and is a key factor in combating climate change,”

“International pressure may be the only way to stop the Brazilian government from taking a “suicide” path in the Amazon, one of the country’s most respected scientists has said, as the world’s biggest rainforest continues to be ravaged by thousands of deliberate fires….

On Wednesday, the UK trade minister Conor Burns was shaking hands with his counterparts in Brasilia and declaring a desire to “deepen relations”. Asked about the fires, he declined to comment but reportedly said Bolsonaro’s government had “legitimate ambitions to bring prosperity to its people”.

“As wildfires rage through the Brazilian Amazon, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has said Dublin will vote against a trade deal between the European Union and South American trade bloc Mercosur unless Brazil takes action to protect the rainforest.”


EWI - August 23, 2019

On Wednesday, the UK trade minister Conor Burns was shaking hands with his counterparts in Brasilia and declaring a desire to “deepen relations”. Asked about the fires, he declined to comment but reportedly said Bolsonaro’s government had “legitimate ambitions to bring prosperity to its people”.

I find myself leveling up from quite disliking Tories, to a position where I really do want to punch one in the face. Not even the Trumpers are quite this cackling evil.

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15. roddy - August 23, 2019

Paddy,I hope they sang “Tipperary so far away” .It has to be in my top half dozen rebel songs of all time!


Paddy Healy - August 23, 2019

Of Course They Did. It was a beautiful rendition by Ó’Duibhir “There’s a vision of light before me tonight in Tipperary so Far Away”


16. roddy - August 24, 2019

Daniel O’Connell whilst opposing “violence” actually was a killer himself and also believed in the “big families” so favoured by the church.In fact he had several big families the length and breadth of Ireland!


Fergal - August 24, 2019

Just to add to what CL said above… I think Behan tells a story of O’ Connell sending the police out to crush a strike or some labour agitation when mayor of Dublin leaving three dead… anybody know about this?
He also supported the Opium wars against China afaik…


17. Alibaba - August 25, 2019

This post regarding Independents4Change and Right2Change developments has been brought to my notice:

‘Clare Daly and Mick Wallace SNUB Union leader Brendan Ogle.

– Clare Daly and Mick Wallace have rebuffed an approach by Unite to open up their Independents4Change PARTY to CANDIDATES from across the trade union movement and the Right2Change PLATFORM.

– The MEPs have NOT acknowledged OR replied to a letter from BRENDAN OGLE, Unite’s senior officer in the Republic, SEEKING a meeting with them.

– Ogle ALSO proposed that the meeting INVOLVE Joan Collins, an Independents4Change TD, AND Declan Bree, a socialist councillor in Sligo who is chairman of a Unite branch.

– Daly and Wallace, who had been TDs for Dublin Fingal and Wexford respectively, have now left the Dail having being elected to the European parliament.

– This weekend Ogle said:

“The success of Mick and Clare’s election and the size of the vote they got could have been a REAL BOOST to the efforts to deliver a progressive government ON THE LEFT.

– The FACT that that hasn’t been allowed to happen is just something we will take on the chin and we will MOVE ON.

– We will continue to try to deliver a progressive government for as long as we are here.”

– Neither Daly NOR Wallace RESPONDED to requests for comment last week.

– Sixteen members of Unite competed in the recent local elections under the Independents4Change banner and Right2 Change policy PLATFORM, which sprang out of the ANTI-WATER charges movement.

– Four candidates, including Bree, were elected.

– Tommy Broughan, a member of the Independents4Change technical group in the Dail and a former member of the party registered under that name by Wallace, said he would be IN FAVOUR of creating an alliance of THE LEFT that could offer AN ALTERNATIVE to a Fine Gael- OR Fianna Fail-led government.

– Collins did NOT respond to questions about extension of the Independents4Change platform.

– Ogle WROTE to Daly and Wallace on behalf of Unite after the European elections and invited them to explore how they could build on their electoral success with a structure ‘to deliver the RIGHT2CHANGE’ policy platform.

– Its policy principles include “a right to gainful and decent employment”, enshrining the right to housing in the constitution, and ensuring that access to healthcare is not dependent on income.

– Bree’s Unite branch met in July to discuss the MEPs’ FAILURE to RESPOND, and decided to continue to engage with OTHER unions, parties and individuals.

– The Sunday Times reported in June that Ogle was being encouraged by colleagues to contest Daly’s vacant seat in the Dublin Fingal by-election later this year.

– The union official said he would NOT RUN as an independent candidate, but MIGHT STAND for a LEFT-WING party.’

Source: ‘Ireland Says No’ Facebook page.

The necessity to build a left force in this country by those who peg it to their self and/or front promotion, and their leadership control. Remind you of anything at all?


18. EWI - August 25, 2019

Jim Power today, for some reason speaking at the Blueshirt shrine to Collins:

But Collins also stressed that people should share in that prosperity on the basis of what each contributes to it and while such a view might be considered controversial today but it was a view that modern Irish society would do well not lose sight of.



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